Love Is in the Air *ON HOLD*

3 girls. 5 boys. 1 romantic love story.

(Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles love Story)


7. Chapter 7

*Airyn's P.O.V.*

Harry? Why was he here? No one cared about me , so I was shocked.

'Let go of her!" Harry screames, punching the guy square in the jaw, knocking him out. I instantly fell to the ground when I was released from the mans grip. Harry grabbed my bag, throwing it over his shoulder. He picked me up, carrying me bridal style, and headed back torwards the house. He kicked the door with his foot, since he was not able to use his hands. Liam opened the door, and fear instantly filled his face. Harry placed me onto the couch. Alexis walked in, and everyone left. I knew she wasn't happy. Alexis can get pretty pissed, and she will lash out. So, I prepared for the worst.

"NIJAI AIRYN BOW ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" I looked down, and let a tear slide down my cheek. "I'm sorry. I just felt our of place, and unwanted. Everyone is having fun, and i'm sitting to the side, acting like a loner!" I started quiestly but my voice raising as I went on. "Your to caught up in Grayson and everyone else to even notice I was hardly around!" She looked defeated "You need to start opening up, and expressing your self." She started calmly. "Being quiet isn't going to help you get anywhere." I knew she was right. She walked up and sat hersself beside me. 'Don't do that agin, you scared me." She said wrapping her arms around me. I hugged her back.


*Zayn's P.O.V.*

Things couldnt be any better! It's been a week since the incident with Airyn, and she's starting to talk more. I noticed her friendship with Louis, was similar to Alexis and Niall's. They were bestfriends. I also noticed how Harry looked at Airyn. Love and compassion filled is eyes when he saw her. I've never seen that look on his face before. I knew Airyn fancied him, too. I had a devious plan to set them up.

"Zayn?" Liam said, waving his hand in my face. "What? Oh, um sorry. Vas Happenin'?" Everyone chuckled, and Alexis kissed my cheek, making me blush. We were sitting aroung the living room, waiting for Paul. The boys and I had an interview today, and the girls were askedto come as well. Paul walked in "Ready boys? and girls." We all stood up and jumped into the vehicle. It was a tight squeeze, but we managed.

Inside, Lou was having our make-up and hair done. We put on the clothes she had chosen. "Your on in five." A crew member said, peeking his head into the door. We walked to backstage and waited for our que.

*Alexis' P.O.V.*

"Today we have One Direction!" The audience cheered and the boys walked out. Charlotte, the interviewer, started with Niall. "Niall, I have a picture of you and some girl at the airport around two months ago. Who is she?" She asked. Niall looked back at me and smiled, "She's my bestfriend." "How long have you know her? and how did you meet her?" He smiled again. "I met her thirteen years ago today," The audience awwe'd. "I met her when she moved in next door. She was five. My mum and I went to meet them, and believe it or not, I tried to kiss her right then and there! I was five I didnt know any better!" The e audience arrupted with laughter. I giggled myself. "Where is she now?" Charlotte asked. "Backstage." He said, as one of the crew member's pushed me onto the stage. I stood in shock, as Charlotte beckoned me to sit down by the boys. I sat between Niall and Zayn. "What's your name?" she asked. "Alexis McCarthy." I smiled. "Do you like having Niall as a bestfriend? And what's it like?" "Well, I absolutely love it. He's an amazing guy, and i'm lucky to have him," the audience awwe'd again. "I must admit, it's interesting being his bestfriend, he always makes me laugh, and challenges me to food eating competitions. He always wins though." "That's lovely." She said with a smile. "Now, who's single?" She asks. Everyone raises their hand, except for Zayn. "Who's the lucky lady?" Charlotte says with a questioning look. He looks to all the boys, as they nod their heads, and give reassuring smiles. He smiles and says, "Alexis McCarthy." His eyes meeting mine, making me blush. The audience awwe'd once again.

With that, the interview ended, and we headed home. I instantly walked into my room with Grayson, and we passed out instantly.

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