Love Is in the Air *ON HOLD*

3 girls. 5 boys. 1 romantic love story.

(Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles love Story)


6. Chapter 6

*Niall's P.O.V.*

She was wrapped in my arms, balling her eyes out. I noticed Grayson and everyone else watching us from a distance. Grayson started walking up to us, "Alexis, we're just scared. Don't be sorry. You need someone like Zayn in your life. Because, what if we aren't here one day? Zayn will be. I understand, and i'm sure Niall does too, that you will be spendind time with Zayn more. We still will have our days together. Just know that we will always be here, and we never plan on leaving you." Grayson says sweetly, adding on a smile.

"I could never forget you guys." Alexis croaks out, with a single tear falling. I wipe the tear off her face, as she hugs me one more time, before hugging Grayson. I could see in her eyes that she was still upset. We all decided to go downstairs, and just talk, maybe even play a game.


*Airyn's P.O.V.*

Let me tell you who I am. My name is Airyn Bow. My favorite color is Purple, and I was brought into this world on October twenty-ninth. I am 17. I met Alexis and Grayson last year, and I instantly connected with them. I don't really have much going on in life.

As I sit alone, I start to realize that I might not belong. Everyone's happy, and i'm just here. I walked out of the guest bedroom, and into the living room. I didn't fully enter, but I watched. I saw Grayson and Niall laughing and having fun and copying the newly found couple. Louis, Liam and Harry are playing mario-kart and laughing. I saw Alexis and Zayn enjoying eachothers company. Smiles on everyones face. Zayn pecked Alexis' cheek making her giggle. Niall got up and entered the kitchen. He came out with a water gun. He slowly walked behind Grayson making sure he wasn't heard. He squirted her whole back making her instantly jump up. I left the room, feeling like a nobody. Unwanted, forgotten, misplaced. I walk back into the room, not having to worry about Grayson, being the fact she was staying in Alexis' room. I packed up my small backpack I brought with me. I grabbed some pajamas, and some clothes for tomorrow. I packed up my toothbrush and toothpaste, and placed my phone charger in my backpack. I grabbed my wallet and phone, and silently left theough the backdoor.

I had been walking for roughly ten minutes, before coming to an alley. I entered the alley and noticed some boxes stacked up. I sat on the other side, so I can go unnoticed by passing people and cars. I pulled out my phone and headphones, and began playing 'Perfect' by p!nk. After ten minutes of listening to music with my eyes closed, I felt someone grab my wrist. I instantly opened my eys, and was lifted up by a man wearing a baseball cap, and sunglasses. He pushed me up against the wall, and I started to scream. He covered my mouth, "You better shut the hell up." his raspy voice filling my ears. He started to unbutton my shirt, while I squirmed under his strong arms. Just before he finished, someone elses voice rang through the alleyway, causing the strange man and I to look. "Get your hands off of her!" He kept repeating while walking up to us. Who was it? I blinked my eyes again, and recognized the curls.





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