Love Is in the Air *ON HOLD*

3 girls. 5 boys. 1 romantic love story.

(Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles love Story)


5. Chapter 5


*Grayson's P.O.V.*

When I met the boys, I was calm on the outside, but on the inside I was screaming. I was meeting my inspiration, my idols, the people who saved my life! We decide to go watch a movie. Airyn and I follow the boisterous group into a room. A theater room. It was amazing. It had four loveseats, enough seats for everyone, and a pull down screen(like one in a classroom) and a projector in the back. Airyn sat with Harry, I bet she was happy. Louis sat with Zayn, Niall with Liam, and I sat with Alexis! I really did miss Alexis, she's my bestfriend, my sister, my wife, my left hand, right foot and everything else.

Liam puts in Toy Story, and Alexis screams in excitement. This is her favorite movie. Alexis and I were sharing a blanket, using eachother as pillows. Maybe about an hour into the movie, Zayn stands up. He has this look on his face, like he's excited but nervous. He walks torwards Alexis and I, bends torwards Alexis' face, and kisses her! On the lips! In front of everyone! I awwe'd and smiled. "Oh yeah, Alexis and I are dating now." he says with a smile. I'm happy for Alexis. She deserves someone like Zayn in her life. I'm just scared of being replaced. I look at Niall, and notice his smile quickly faded. Was he worried too? He got up and walked out. I got up as well, and followed him. He went into the kitchen and sat down. I sat down beside him, "Are you okay?" He looks up, a small tear sliding down his perfect face, "I'm scared i'm going to be forgotten, or replaced." I force a weak smile on my face. "I'm scared, too." I admit. We stay in the same spot, until everyone comes out here. I notice Alexis wasn't here. I look around to see her blonde curls, but I don't see them.


*Alexis' P.O.V.*

I saw Niall and Grayson leave, Niall looked so depressed. I leave after a minute to go find them. I hear their voices in the kitchen, listening in on their conversation. Were they really scared of being replaced? I could never do that. Tears began falling down my face, in fear that I have hurt them. I walk quiestly up to my room. When reaching my destination, I plop down onto my bed. I look at the time on my phone, 5:30 in the evening. I get up, and go into my bathroom. I step into the shower. After everything needed is finished, I step out, careful not to slip. I dry off, and throw my hair into a messy bun. I slip on cookie monster pajama pants, and a black tanktop with blue stripes. I go back to the same place on my bed. My phone begins to vibrate, signalling I have a text message. i pick up my phone, and I have thirty seven texts. One from Louis, seven from Liam, four from Harry, eleven from Grayson six from Niall, and eight from Zayn. All asking where I am and to answer. I turn off my phone, and just lay there.

I start hearing knocking on my door, I don't answer. I hear the person slide their back down my door, to where they were sitting and leaning against my door. "Alexis, talk to me." I hear his irish accent fill my ears. I get up and slide down my door like he did. "I'm sorry." I manage to choke out. "For?" "Making you and Grayson feel like I might replace you. but Ni, I can never do that! you and her are the closest things I have to family, asides from my mother.

I hear him stand up. I stand up, too, and open the door. I instantly fly into his arms, and let the water-works begin. "I-I am s-so sor-sorry."

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