Love Is in the Air *ON HOLD*

3 girls. 5 boys. 1 romantic love story.

(Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles love Story)


4. Chapter 4

*Niall's P.O.V.*

I was awoken by the sound of someone shutting the theater door. I look around and notcie Zayn and Alexis weren't here. I get up and decide to look for them. I hear zayn in the living room, so I walk in that direction. I round the corner, but stop when I notice Zayn's big hands were holding Alexis' tiny ones. "I love you." I hear Zayn say. What? His feelings were that strong torwards her? I do think they would be a beautiful couples, and I know he will always be there for her. But i'm scared. What if she get's to caught up into Zayn, and forgets me? She can't do that. I want to believe that I'm the main guy in her life, after waht has happened to her dad and all of her brothers. I have always been there for her, and i'm terrified of losing her.

Before I could hear her response, I quickly walked to my room, with tears threatening to fall down my face. I'm scared. I can't lose my bestfriend.


*Alexis' P.O.V.*

I wake up at six thirty, being the fact I have to go pick up Grayson and Airyn. I climb out of bed and hop in the shower. I instantly remember everything from last night. I'm finally Zayn's, and he's mine. i'm scared that if I tell Niall, he'll think i'm replacing him. But I could never do that. He's the closest thing I have to family, asides from my mom, and Grayson. I step out of the shower, and dry off. I quickly blow dry my hair, letting it fall down into it's natural curls. I pull on some black skinnies, with a white tank top. I slide on my yellow OFWGKTA sweatshirt, and slip on my yellow Nike Blazers. I grab my phone, and Niall's car keys, and head out the door.

I turn on the radio, but I don't listen to it. my thoughts are to caught up in how i'm going to introduce the girls, and how i'm going to tell people about Zayn and I whenever he's ready to tell. But i'm mainly wondering on how Niall is going to react. Is he going to be Happy? Angry? Dissapointed? Sad? I don't know. I just hope he's okay with it. Before I know it, i'm at the airport. Only five minutes until their plane is due in. I quickly head inside, and keep my eyes pealed on the monitor. As soon as it changes and say the girls plane arrived, I jumped up, anxious to see them.

"Alexis?!" I hear Grayson's familiar hollar, coming from my left. I look that way instantly and see both of the girls running up to me with big grins on their faces. We hug eachother, and head to the car. We place their items in the back with Airyn, and Grayson takes the seat upfront beside me. The car ride was filled of nothing but talking, and loud screaming for the whole two hours, until we pulled up to the house. Their faces lit up in shock and amazement. I scream, knocking them out of their trances, and we gather their luggage. We walk inside and are instantly shot at with Nerf guns. I look up to see who the culprit may be. Louis and Niall. "NIALL!! LOUIS!! THAT WASNT FUNNY!" I scream, starting to run after them. I chased them for a good five minutes. I called the girls into the living room, where all the boys were. They walked in with their mouths gaping open. Louis walks up to them, puts a hand under Grayson's chin, and the under other Airyn's, and pushes them up. "Close your mouths, you'll catch flies." He says taking a seat. They both instantly burst into a fit of giggles. "Girls, this is Niall, my bestfriend. Louis, Liam, Harry, and Zayn." I say instantly smiling when I let his name fall out of my mouth. "Nice to meet all of you. I'm a big fan." Grayson says, acting like a complete normal person. Which is unusual. Because let me tell you, she talks non-stop about them. I've been a victim of her constantly saying how sexy my bestfriend is, even though she had no idea he was my bestfriend. I admit, her love for Niall was so adorable.

"Movie?" Liam asked everyone. We all nodded, and headed for the theater room. Liam and Niall sat together,  Louis and Zayn sat together, Airyn sat with Harry, and I sat with Grayson. It felt weird not being by Zayn, but I missed Grayson. Liam put in Toy Story, and I screamed in excitement, making everyone giggle. About an hour into the movie, Zayn got up, and walked over to me. He bent down, and kissed me. In front of everyone. Everyone awwe'd, and Zayn said "Oh yeah, Alexis and I are dating now." adding on a smile at the end. Gosh, he was so adorable.

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