Love Is in the Air *ON HOLD*

3 girls. 5 boys. 1 romantic love story.

(Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles love Story)


3. Chapter 3

It's been two weeks since i've arrived in London. Which means Grayson and Airyn are coming tomorrow morning! YAY! In these past two weeks, i've learned more anout Zayn. We've gone out together, and have been completely random the whole time. Our friendship is almost like mine and Niall's, but I can't get him out of my head. He's perfect. I get butterflies when he talks to me, or whenever we're in the say room together. I can't deny the fact that I fancy him, but I can't tell him either, because what if he doesn't feel the same? Oh well.

"Allleeeexxxxxiiissssssss." Zayn mumbles walking into the theater room. "YOUR INTERUPTING MINE AND LIAM'S TOY STORY TIME!!" I scream and add on a chuckle. "Oh well." Zayn says while plopping himself down on the couch, and using my thigh as a pillow. We finish watching Toy Story #Two around six. I go up to Harry's room to ask him to help me make dinner, but I hear someone's silents sobs. Louis. I head over to Louis' room and knock on the door. "Lou, what's wrong?" no answer. "Louis!" Still no response. I give up trying to talk, and just walk in. Louis in hugging his pillow, and silently letting tears slide down his cheeks, with an occasional sob. I walk over to his bed and sit down. I edge my way closer to him. I wrap my arms around his torso, and place my head on his shoulder. "What's wrong Lou?" I ask. "Eleanor." he says simply. "You know you can tell me. Now talk, what about her?"

"She broke up with me," He lets more tears fall. "She saw a picture of me kissing a model in America, but the picture was photoshopped!" "Oh my gosh Lou, i'm so sorry." was all I could manage to say. He lets more tears fall, and turns and hugs me properally. He starts sobbing uncontrollably, making me start to cry, too. "Can you sing to me? I know, it's weird, but singing calms me down." he aske. "What do you want me to sing?" "Look After You." I nod, and start singing softly to him. I never knew he was this sensitive. He's always so happy and energetic. After about fifteen minutes of talking and singing to Louis, he stops crying. "Lou, go wash your face. It'll help your eyes not look so red." I say. he does so, and when he comes out we head downstairs. He keeps looking over at me as we walk down the stairs. When we're at the bottom, and gives me a huge hug. "Thank you." he says. "You're welcome, Louis." He heads off, and I head back upstairs to get Harry. I know on his door. "Harry, feel like helping me make taocs?" I say. In less than five seconds the door slings open. "definitly." Was all he said and we ran to the kitchen.


After dinner, we all head into the theater room and decide to watch Mean Girls. Forty-five minutes in, everyones asleep except for Zayn and I. I'm currently using Zayn as a foot rest,And laying on the arm of the couch. "Alexis, I have to show you something." he says, getting up. I get up as well, and follow. He leads me into the living room. "What's wrong Zayn?" I ask. "Nothing. It's just.." he trails off, and grabs my hand. "I love you." He says, a smile tugging at his lips. "I love you, too." I say, allowing smiles to spred across both of our faces. He puts his hand on my cheek, and leans in. I start to lean in as well. His lips sofly brush mine, and I can instantly feel fireworks and bombs going off. He leans in further to where our lips are firmly pressed to eachohters. We pull away, leaving our foreheads touching. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He asks with hope in his voice. "Yes." I breathed out quickly. He puts his hands around my waist, and I lace mine around his neck. I feel safe in Zayn's arms. My life is finally complete.

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