Love Is in the Air *ON HOLD*

3 girls. 5 boys. 1 romantic love story.

(Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles love Story)


2. Chapter 2

 I awake and immediatly feel someones arms around my shoulders. I shoot up out of the loveseat and see Louis standing right in front of me. He took a picture! "Oh mi gawd, Louis don't post that!" He looks sad but nods and says "okay.." I look back to see who's arms I was in.. Zayn's. My heart fluttered. No, stop. You can't like him! I say in my head. I pull out my phone and text Airyn.

(our conversation)

me: So, i just woke up in my cousins bestfriends arms!


me: He kinda looks like Zayn Malik.. So yes.

her: OH MY GAWSH! Does your cousin look like Harry Styles?

me: no, but his friend does. I have to go! Bye!

her: bye! love youu!xx


Typical Airyn. I can't wait to surprise them though! I leave the theater room to find Nialler. I head straight to the kitchen. Oh look, I found him. What a shocker!

"Hey," he says with a mouthful of food. "I saw you all cuddled into Zayn this morning, you fancy him don't you?" "NO! I don't fancy him. I don't even know how that happened!" I say with clear frustration in my voice. He chuckles. "In your sleep you rolled onto Zayn. Zayn just smiled and wrapped his arms around you. He knew you were sleeping though." I turned bright red. "Alexis, look. I can read you like a book. I KNOW you fancy him." I just shook my head, trying to deny it. "It's Ok, he fancies you too!" Okay. Im red as a tomato! "I'm going to go shower." I say and run upstairs. After about 30-45 minutes in the shower, I hopped out. I put on a white tank top and floral skinny jeans. I threw on my red I <3 Ed Sheeran sweatshirt, loosly curled my hair, and a pplie minimal mascara. I slipped on my red and white nike blazers and went downstairs. Thank gosh, Zayn is still asleep. "Alexis, come here please." Harry hollored. I walk into the living room and see Louis, Liam and Harry.. but no Niall. "Where's Niall?" "He's trying to wake up sleeping beauty." Louis says. "But anyways, tell us about you and your life. What's Alexis like?" Liam says curious. "Well Okay," I start. "I am from Mullingar, I am 19. I was born on June 2nd. Erm, I moved to America last summer. My bestfriends are Grayson and Niall. I have one brother who is twenty-one. My favorite color is yellow. I love turtles, toy Story, and my part time job was being a DJ at a club. I also play the guitar, piano, and I sing a little." "Interesting.." Liam says intrigued. "yeahh, your perfect for Zayn." Louis says in a whisper. I felt the heat rise in my cheeks. Out of the blue, the doorbell rings. "I GOT IT!" Louis yells even though we are right beside eachother. "BROTHERR!!" I hear an unfamiliar voice say. "BUBBYY!" Louis' ear bursting scream fills the house.

Louis walks in, with another young lad. "Alexis, this is Michael, or Mikey, whichever you prefer. He's my little brother." Michael reaches his hand out for me to shake. "It's a pleasure." He says. "You too!" I say in an almost too-happy tone. "How do you know the boys?" He asks. "Well, I'm bestfriends with Niall, and have been for 12 years." He chuckles. "Oh, by the way, I'm 16." He adds on quickly. "I'm 19." and with that our conversation ended. I wander around and decide to help Niall wake up Zayn. I walk into the theater room, and see that Mr. Sleeping Beauty is still sleeping. I pull out my phone and look at the time. 12:04pm. I walk over to Niall. "Having Troubles?" I ask sarcastically. He nods his head, and I signal for him to stop. I walk straight over to Zayn, and sit down on him. He slowly wakes up, and I get off of him. I look at Niall, "Your Welcome!" I Hollar as I walk out. Niall comes up to me ten minutes later and whispers in my ear, "Yup, you like him." I slap Niall playfully. "No, I don't."





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