Love Is in the Air *ON HOLD*

3 girls. 5 boys. 1 romantic love story.

(Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles love Story)


10. Chapter 10.

    It's been about a month since my mom passed. I miss her, don't get me wrong. But i have been really happy. Zayn has been an amzing boyfriend, Niall and Grayson have been amazing bestfriends, too. Notice how I havent mentioned Airyn? Well, let me tell you.

-flashback one week ago-

 I've noticed Airyn become distant from everyone. Was she okay? I walk into her room, and see her on her floor. She was silently crying, "Airyn? You alright love?" She looks at me, before finally letting it all out. "NO ALEXIS I'M NOT!" She looks at me guilty, and then starts again. This time in a whisper. "I don't belong here. I'm going home tonight, and you can't stop me." My heart fell out of my chest. "Airyn. stay. please." SHe shook her head, "No. I don't belong here. My mom is about to give birth to my little sister, and I want to be there for them. All of my sisters. I'm sorry Alexis, I just can't be here anymore." With that, she grabbed her suitcase, hugged me really quickly, and whispered, "Thanks Lexi, I love you." "I love you, too.." Was all I could manage, and she was gone.

-Flashback over-

 Yeah, it hurt me, but Grayson helped me cope. Harry wasn't all that into her when it happened, so I guess that didn't help her situation much more. Back to the present, I'm currently sitting in my room, on my comfortable yellow blanket. Sweatpants, tanktop, hair-tied and no make up. I'm loving this. I'm listening to 'Ghost n Stuff' by Deadmau5. Not my usual, but being a dancer, I love the rhythm. I got up, and began dancing to the electronic base. Sfter that, 'Hollywood Dream' by The Ready Set came on, and I sat back on my bed. I began singing the song with full and complete passion.

"I’ve got designer dreams, she’s got designer shades. Can’t look away from her magnetic gaze. Killing me slowly, when her lips are talking. When I untie my t-t-tongue I swear I’ll say, Pretty girl, pretty girl. Would you trade L.A. to come into my world? Couldn’t ask for nothing more. City girl, tell me could you fall in love with a.."

I was about to continue when I heard a huge rond of applause. I looked to my doorway, felling the heat rise to my cheeks. "Lexi, I don't know you sing, too." Grayson said hugging me. I looked at Niall. He smiled. Niall knew I was a singer since we were 10. Him and I always did the talent show together and won. All the other boys were saying things like "That was amazing" and "Your brilliant."

"Thanks, how much did you guys see?" I ask, blushing. "You dancing and singing." Niall responded. "Babe, that was wonderful. I recorded you by the way." Zayn says kissing my cheek. "You know what this means, right?" Louis asked. We looked at him befuddled. "Alexis and Grayson. Our opening act on tour."




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