Harry's Secret

Harry has kept a secret for years, but when he receives an unexpected roomate, will the secret be spilled?


1. The Other Me

Harry's POV

I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My clothes were reflected as they were, but I saw my actual self, with blonde straight hair, and blue eyes. I hated it. How was I supposed to tell the others I was a hybrid? An angel one at that. They would tease me so much... I liked the curly-brown-haired, green-eyed Harry. Not the straight blonde haired, blue-eyed Harry. I smiled as I forced the image back to the one I preferred, because the boys had come into my room, and sat on my bed.

"Hey guys!" I said as they entered my room.

"Whats up?" Niall asked me as my smile faded. I loked in the mirror again, and had to force the image back again. I got up and leant against my mirror.

"Nothing." I smiled as Zayn started jumping on my bed.

"ZAYN!! STOP JUMPING ON HARRY'S BED!! WE HAVE GUESTS OUTSIDE!!" Liam yelled at Zayn, half lauging, half being serious.

"We have people outside!?" I squeaked, and ran out of the room, straight to the door. The guys came behind me in a rush. I opened the door and saw Paul with a couple of girls around fourteen. One of them had light brown hair and eyes, about the same colour, but then she moved in the shade because it was really bright, and her eyes looked slightly darker. Her hair was really long, and she had braided it from around halfway down her back, to where it stopped, at the back of her knees. She was wearing a t-shirt that said: Love me and had a little heart on it. She was wearing jeans and they were ripped at the knees. The other one had hair where it was a dark blonde at the top and as it went down it got lighter. She had blue eyes and they were a bit sparkly. her hair was way shorter than the girl with the brown hair's but it was curled at the end. She was wearing a shirt that had a picture of a little dinosaur on it and it said: RAWR, that means I love you in dinosaur. She was wearing a denim skirt and had black leggings underneath.

"Hi girls! Hi Paul!" I smiled as I let them in, shutting the brown haired one out for a minute untill she glared at me furiously and I got scared and let her in. Niall laughed at me and I saw a small smile fight with the corners of the girl's mouth. She walked into the living room with her arms folded.Niall and I walked in after her. I sat on the couch and Niall sat next to me.

"Guys, remember when I said we were going to get some new assistant sylists?" Paul started, but I cut him off, knowing exactly what he would say.

"These girls are it." I stated, and the other boys looked towards Paul as if to confirm what I had just said.

"Harry, you need to stop cutting me off. But what you said is right. They are the new assistant stylists, but one of them is also going to be in charge of the biographies that are going to be written, and the other will help with songwriting. They are only fourteen, but they are skilled at what they do."

I heard a low breathing noise and since the girls were on the other couch I looked over to see what was going on. I saw that the girl with the brown hair had fallen asleep on the blonde one's shoulder.

"Charli! Wake up!" I heard the girl with the blonde hair hiss.


A red mark blossomed across Charli's face causing her to wake up instantly. She clutched her cheek, and glared at the blonde one. I was the only one who heard her get hit though, because the other boys were listening to Paul explain something.

"What the hell Chelsea! If you hadn't kept me up so late last night, begging me to look over the pattern for your little sister's dress for her birthday, then maybe I wouldn't have fallen asleep!" She yelled at Chelsea, sat up, and moved to the side of the couch closest to me. Of course, since she had yelled, Paul and the other boys heard too. I walked out of the room to get an ice-pack. I handed it to Charli with a smile. She accepted it and pressed it against her cheek, her other cheek turning pink at her outburst. She hung her head down and I jumped couches, sitting next to her instead of Louis, who looked at me for a minute, then returned to focusing.

"Well, no need to Chelsea now, but Charli is the one who just yelled." Paul said, half-laughing. I saw Charli turn even more red, and felt sorry for her

"Chelsea will be in charge of the biographies, and Charli will be the assistant songwriter." He explained briefly. "Well, I'll leave you to get to know eachother. Oh and Harry, you'll be sharing a room with Charli, and Louis, you're sharing a room with Chelsea. I was orignally going to put them in the same room, but I don't think that's a good idea." He walked out and I stared in shock. What if Charli finds out about me being part angel?

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