Harry's Secret

Harry has kept a secret for years, but when he receives an unexpected roomate, will the secret be spilled?


5. SH*T

Charli's POV



Harry was calming me down again. I need to get my emotions under control. I picked myself up, and turned to face Harry. When I called Sam, it didn't feeling like all the other times, where a happy feeling would go off in my chest whenever he said anything. It felt more like a chore, listening to him.

"Harry.... I... think I might be getting over Sam.." I mumbled, and Harry's head snapped up.

"Really?" He asked, but I could see something behind his eyes... was it... happiness?

"Are you glad about that?" I asked him, and saw his cheeks flush.

"N-No!" He flustered and I laughed, he clearly was.

"Don't worry, it's seven, and all the others have eaten besides you. Do you want anything?" I asked, walking backwards towards the door. Not seeing the cord lying across the floor, I fell and blacked out.


Couple hours later


Harry's POV


Charli fell, and hit her head against a cupboard. We're in hospital now, and I'm sitting next to her, like Chelsea, Zayn, Louis,Liam and Niall are. Me and Chelsea are closest, and I texted Sam on Charli's phone to let him know. She has a huge bandage wrapped around her head. When she fell, her head hit the corner of the cupboard, and it instantly peirced her skin. She's currently in an induced coma. I had to force her back to her human form a lot.


Listening to the heart monitor, I closed my eyes. I tried to convey all my energy into her (angels can do that now :P) so she would be able to heal faster.

I felt a wave of nausea crash over me as charli woke up.

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