Harry's Secret

Harry has kept a secret for years, but when he receives an unexpected roomate, will the secret be spilled?


4. Love? Maybe.

Harry's POV


I watched as Charli rushed into the kitchen and sighed. Smiling, I excused myself from the room, and headed up to my room. I dropped the fake smile, and flopped onto my bed. I felt my body revert back to angel form, which I had no problem with, seeing as I had locked my door. I heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" I asked dryly, and heard a small voice reply.

"harry, it's me, Charli. Can I come in and get my phone? It's six, and I need to call Sam!" She stated through thew door. I changed back into my human form, and opened the door. She rushed in, and grabbed her phone. I heard a small series of beeps, then a voice.

"Charli?" it said, and I suddenly felt the urge to hug Charli.

'Hi Sam!" She laughed, and I felt a small twang of feeling rebound in my chest. So this is Sam. I walked over, and peered into the camera. I saw a boy, Charli's age, in angel form. My image was flickering itself, so I walked over to the door and shut it, and locked it. I walked back to Charli, who was talking endlessly with Sam and sighed. The tiny bit of hurt in my chest wouldn't leave. Why? After a while, I got bored, and I was in angel form, as was Charli. I rushed up to her, and stuck my facve in front of hers in the camera.

"Harry!" She laughed, and i laughed too. On the other end of the camera, sam was looking confused.

"Who's he?" he asked, and Charli smiled.

"He's Harry Styles. Can you beleive he's one of us!" She said exitedly. her long blonde hair (only blonde in angel form) swinging in front of her face. I shifted back into the brown-haired Harry, then back to angel form. I stuck my tongue out at sam, and he mirrored my gesture.

"Okay then." Sam laughed, and I heard a loud voice from the computer call out Sam's name.  "Got to go, bye Charli, Harry" he said before he ended the call. A small sigh escaped from her lips as she turned off her phone.

"He's cool isn't he?" She said, and I laughed.

"Yep." I responded, and she smiled. It was a cute smile. A smile that could mean anything. "Tell me more about him Charli. What was he like?"

"He was always there for me, if I was in trouble, I only had to call, and he'd be right there. He helped me a lot. And always stayed by my side, exept for when we were at our seperate house of course, but yeah. He was great. Then the move and all that happened." She said, and I heard her voice waver a little.

"Hey, don't get upset, please? I hate seeing you upset!" I stammered out as I saw a small tear fall from her eyes. I wiped it away with my long sleeve (white-*sigh*) shirt and cupped her face in my hands. "It'll be okay, I promise. Everything is okay in the end, and if it isn't, then it isn't the end okay?" I reasurred her, then hugged her. In that moment, I realised why I felt how I did before while she was talking to Sam.


I'm nineteen. I can't be falling for a fourteen year old.

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