A Weapon Will Die For It's Meister.

Soul Eater.
Not Maka and Soul, there's a new girl, Shiko Fujisaki.
A Sound Soul Dwells Within A Sound Mind And A Sound Body.
Death Weapon Meister Academy.


2. Death Weapon Meister Academy - First Day

I got settled in yesterday and had an okay night's sleep. The apartment looks like all the rest. I really didn't care what it looked like, just if I was able to afford it. It was almost time to head to school. Maybe I'll learn something that will help me determine weather I'm a Weapon or a Meister. I grabbed my bag and rushed out the door. I stopped outside my door and saw Maka and Soul walking out of their apartment.
"Come on Soul, you're not even gonna try?" Maka asked looking at Soul with a little hope in her eyes. She looked over at me and smiled. "Hey Shiko, I didn't know you lived right next to us."
"I uh- just moved in, Soul actually help me." I said smiling at Maka and Soul. Soul looked behind him at me, he half smiled then just shrugged his shoulders.
"No big deal." He said with a little pride in his voice.
"You heading over to the school now, right?" I asked. I'm so stupid! Of course they are, where else would they be going? I sighed to myself.
"Yeah, wanna walk over with us?" Maka asked smiling at me with her big and welcoming smile, she's been so nice to me, no one has ever been as nice as she is to me.
"Sure" I smiled and followed them. We walked down the stairs and out of the building. I kept my head down but Soul and Maka kept talking. I kinda zoned out though... they weren't talking to me so why get into their conversation? Besides I have to much to think about, I need to figure out another way to find out weath-
"Ugh! What do you think Shiko?" I looked up and saw Maka and Soul straight at me. I was frozen at first no words coming out of my mouth. I took a breath.
"What?" I asked looking from Soul to Maka. They stared at me for a second then just burst into laughter. "What? what's so funny? did I say something that funny?"
"No, never mind" Maka said as her laughter died down... But Soul on the other hand... He was still laughing. I started to feel really awkward. "Soul shut up!" Maka said rolling her eye's at Soul, but he still didn't stop. "MAKA CHOP"
Soul was on the ground moaning.
"Why'd you have to go and hit me, Maka?" Soul asked holding his head.
"You were making Shiko feel weird, I told you to stop but you didn't." Maka said crossing her arms and starting to walk again.
"Sorry Shiko, wasn't meaning it that way, it was just kinda funny" Soul said scratching the back of his head as he stood up.
"Oh, no it's okay, I just didn't understand why it was so funny... no one has ever found me funny." I said just above a whisper.
"What was that?" Soul asked looking at me with a strange look. I looked up.
"Nothing, Never mind" I walked past Soul and ran past Maka.

I started to slow down as I noticed they were far behind me. I thought about what I did.
"Ugh" I said as I hit myself in the face "What's my problem? Why do I always end up running away?"
I got to the school and just sat on this steps. I put my head in my arms calling myself stupid over and over and over again.
"Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!"
"What's so stupid?" asked a voice coming from behind me. It was a boy with black hair, he had three white stripes on his left side but not his right. I stood up and grabbed my things.
"Nothing, I uh- was just-"
"Shiko?" Soul and Maka came running up behind me. "What happened? why'd you run away?"
"I uh... I'm sorry... I was never really good with facing my problems I get so nervous I just run away sometimes..." I said scratching my head.
"Well next time don't run so fast" Soul said falling on the ground catching his breath.
"Sorry..." I said quietly.
"No, Shiko don't be sorry, it was our fault for making you feel weird" Maka said putting a hand on my shoulder. "Why don't we walk into class together? I promise I won't make you feel like that"
"Shiko... So you're the new girl huh?" Said the boy with black hair. "I'm Death The Kid"
"Nice to meet you, should I call you Death, or Kid? or just The?" I asked looking at him questionably. It was silent for awhile. I looked around and they were all looking at me... just looking. Then Soul and Maka burst into laughter again. Huh?
"HAHAHAHAH GOOD ONE SHIKO!" Soul said holding his stomach as he laughed. "Death, Kid, or just The! I like that!"
"I Uh.... just didn't know what to call him... wasn't trying to make a joke." I said as a blush started to form on my cheeks.
"Alright, lets head in" Maka said grabbing my hand. I nodded and we walking up the stairs and into the school.

"So I think me and you have the same classes" Maka said as she led me to a class room. "So let's go take a seat"
We walked up and took a seat next to the boy with blue hair, Black Star was it? And his friend... Tsubaki? Soul came up soon after with the Kid guy and sat next to me.
"Sorry Shiko" Soul said as he leaned back in his seat.
"For what?" I asked looking at Soul. My palms began to sweat as I waited for his answer. Why am I getting so nervous over nothing?
"Before." He answered. Before what? what is he talking about?
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"For saying you have to figure it out on you're own"
"You were just stating a fact." I said shrugging my shoulders
"No I mean for saying you have to figure it out on you're own, That part was false, Maka and I will definitely help you" He half smiled and gave me a thumbs up. I was shocked... He wanted to help me? Maka looked over at us.
"Help with what?" Maka asked looking at Soul suspiciously.
"We're gonna help Shiko" Soul said leaning back in his seat again.
"Oh! Yeah! If you ever need any help just ask us! I'll be glad to help you Shiko!" Said Maka smiling at me. Maka... She was offering to help me but she doesn't even know the problem... How come people be so nice when they first meet someone? How is it possible?
"Class we are beginning now so sit in your seats and be quiet" Said a blue man... Wait a second... He looks like a- a-
"That's Sid, yes he is a zombie but a good zombie so don't get scared of him" Maka said with a slight laugh. I smiled and nodded.

The classes slipped by slowly, I was hoping I'd learn something about myself... That might help me... But I have no such luck. When classes ended and it was time for us to head home I grabbed my things and walked out the doors alone. I stared at my shoes feeling lonely. I wish my mom were here... Or my dad... I kicked a loose rock and it went flying...
"Oops... "
I went back to staring down at my shoes.
I'm all alone.
Forever Alone.
"Hey! Shiko!" Yelled a voice not to far in front of me. I looked up as saw Soul with Maka and all the other kids. "Wanna come play some basketball with us?"

They... Want me... To play basketball with them?

It took me a little while to reply, I was just so shocked they would some to play with them. I slowly nodded my head.
"Y-yeah, I'd love too" I said smiling at everyone.
"Alright let's go!"

Maybe I wasn't so alone, these people... These Weapon's and Meisters, they welcome me like they've known me for a while.
I'm not alone... Not anymore. Before I didn't have a home I could call my real home, I was always left out, so I felt like I wasn't meant to be there... But this place, this place I fit in, everyone makes me feel like I fit in.
I'm not alone, and as long as I have Maka, Soul, and everyone else... I know that I will never be alone again.

"Alright, so Kid and I will be the team captains!" Soul announced. I stood there next to the kid with blue hair; Black Star, and another kid who I didn't know, he had Purple hair and seemed like he was very shy, he held his arm.
"Alright, you want to pick first?" Kid asked. Soul shrugged.
"Alright then," Soul said with his smirk, "I choose Shiko"
The shock of hearing my name made me stand there think I made it up. So I didn't move. "Shiko."
then Black Star nudged me over to Soul. I lost my balance for a second but quickly regained it. I stood by Soul not saying anything.
"Blackstar" Kid said as he just stood still not making a move.
"Crona" so that was his name? Crona? The shy kid? Well glad to know another person.
"and that leaves Patty" Soul said as Patty jumped over to us. Patty laughed and made a serious face.
"I'm ready" then she burst out laughing.
"Alright teams set, let's play"

And so, let the games begin.
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