A Weapon Will Die For It's Meister.

Soul Eater.
Not Maka and Soul, there's a new girl, Shiko Fujisaki.
A Sound Soul Dwells Within A Sound Mind And A Sound Body.
Death Weapon Meister Academy.


1. A New Soul.

My name is Shiko Fujisaki, And I am a new student at Death Weapon Meister Academy.

I don't know weather I'm a Weapon or a Meister, so I thought that Death could help me. I walked up the steps of death city into the academy. My legs were shaking as I looked at the school from only a few feet away. What if the people here don't like me? I sighed and kept walking. I was about to open the doors to the huge school when the doors were opened and I bumped into someone, I fell to the ground landing on my butt. 
"Sorry, you alright?" 
I looked up to the person who walked out. It was a boy who looked to be about my age. He had white hair with a headband around his head, His eyes were red, and he was wearing a yellow and black jacket with red pants.
"Hey Soul!" yelled a voice from behind him. A girl with blonde hair and green eyes came running up to the boy who's name I now know as Soul. Soul turned around and looked at the girl "What happened? Did you push that girl down??"
"No, calm down Ma-"
"It was my fault. I'm sorry" I said as I still sat on the ground, I didn't dare look up.
"No! It was Soul's fault! Are you okay?" asked the girl walking up to me and holding her hand out. I was shocked. After a few seconds of trying to catch up with time I smiled and took her hand. 
"Thanks, but it really was my fault" I said standing up on my feet. I brushed off the dirt and face the girl. "My name's Shiko Fujisaki, what's your's?" 
"I'm Maka Albarn, and This is Soul Eater" She said pointing to Soul behind her. 
"It's nice to meet you" I said smiling at both of them. I've heard of these two. They're a team... A really good team. Soul's the Weapon and Maka's the Meister. Lucky Maka. "I really should be going, I have to talk with Lord Death"
"Oh, really? Are you a new student?" asked Maka. I nodded. "Are you a Weapon or a Meister? 'cause if you're a Weapon I'd rather you over Soul"
I laughed at her joke. 
"I- I'm a..."
"Shiko, I'm glad you could make it." I looked threw the doors and saw a man with red hair. 
"What you doing here" Maka asked looking annoyed at the man. 
"I came here to escort miss Fujisaki to Lord Death. And to see my lovely little girl!" The man jumped towards Maka to give her a hug, Maka just moved aside 
"You think I'm gonna give you a hug?" Maka asked rolling her eyes at the man. I think he's her Father... but why is she acting like she hates him? 
"We'll take you to the Death room, Follow us" said Maka taking Soul's arm and walking back in the big building.

I walked around the man and said good bye. I ran after Maka and Soul but they had gone to far ahead... I couldn't see them anymore. 
"Oops." I said as I walked slowly threw the hallway. "Which way am I suppose to go?" 
I looked up and saw a boy with Blue hair and a star on this arm. 
"Black Star! come back here!" yelled a voice from down the hall. I looked forward and saw a girl taller then me with her black hair in a ponytail. 
I moved to the side as the boy came rushing to the ground. 
"New girl eh?" he asked looking at me suspiciously.
"uh- Yes" I said nodding my head a little nervously. 
"Well I'm Black Star the biggest b-" 
"Black Star what are you thinking? You almost landed on this girl!" Yelled the girl running to Black Star. "I'm very sorry, you must be the new student, my name is Tsubaki Nakatsukasa" 
"Oh my name's Shiko Fujisaki, it's nice to meet you Tsubaki" I said smiling at her. "I should get going, I'm going to see Lord Death"
"Oh! Are you a Weapon or a Meister?" Tsubaki asked 
"Hey, Shiko" I heard the voice down the hall. I wasn't expecting this person to come looking for me. 
"Oh, Soul" I said walking a little towards him past Tsubaki and Black Star. 
"We lost you, what happened?" Soul asked stopping in front of me. 
"I uh... got lost" I said scratching my head. He laughed.
"Alright let's get going Maka's waiting for us at the Death Room." Soul said patting my head, kinda like you'd do to a dog. I'm not a pet, I said to myself wishing I had the guts to say it to Soul out loud. But I just nodded and followed him, not saying a word.

We walked. We didn't talk. I felt kinda awkward. Soul had his arms behind his head relaxing. I was walking behind him.
"So," Soul started to say. I looked up at him waiting for him to say more. "You a Weapon or Meister?"
I looked down at my feet. I started planing my my hands.
"I- I'm a- I don't know..." I said quietly. Soul stopped walking. I bumped into him from behind. "Sor-"
"You don't know?" Soul questioned. I shook my head. 
"That's why I came to Death City... To see Lord Death... Maybe he could figure out weather I'm a Weapon or a M-"
"That's something you have to figure out on you're own. Lord Death can't help you with that." Soul said.
"Why's that?" I asked confusedly. He didn't answer me. "Soul?"
"SOUL!" yelled a voice. I looked ahead of us. Maka was running towards us. "Soul! what took you guy's so long?"
"Nothing" Soul said walking around me. "The Death Room is right threw there, let's go Maka, we led her here now let's go home and eat some dinner"
"But So-"
"Yeah, go ahead, I'll see you in class tomorrow," I said smiling at Maka and Soul. "Sorry to bother you guys, but thank you Maka, and Thank you Soul."
I turned and walked down the hall towards the Death Room. 

Was what Soul said true? Can no one actually help me? Why couldn't I figure it out before? Am I a Weapon or a Meister?

"Um... Lord Death?" I said as I walked into the room. 
"Ah, Shiko" Lord Death appeared in the middle of the room "Come in come in"
I walked over to Lord Death and waited for him to say something but he didn't so I decided to start.
"Lord Death, is it true you can't help me figure out if I'm a Weapon or a Meister?" I blurted out. I waited and waited for his response.
"Shiko," He started. "Here are your thing's for school when you start tomorrow, I'm sorry but I'm very busy right this minute, maybe after classes tomorrow I can help you, Good-Bye Shiko" 
I was stunned. He completely ignored the question... maybe that's his way of telling me he really can't help me. After a few seconds I took the books that were in Lord Death hands and started to walk out of the room. 
"And Shiko" Lord Death started. "I'm sorry" 
Then he disappeared. Thanks. I sighed and walked out of the room and back out of the whole school. I guess it's time to look for my room

I walked around Death City for a while looking for the place that was written down on the piece of paper in my hands. My arms were full my new books and the few bags I brought. I walked around for a while, when all of a sudden a huge gust of wind blew the paper right out of my hands. 
"No!" I yelled dropping all my things and going after the paper. "No no no no!" It flew higher and higher until it was above a building. "Great just great."
I walked back to where I dropped my things. All my books were scattered and some of my thing's fell out of my bag's. "Ugh"
I started to pick up my things when all of a sudden I heard a voice.  
"You alright" 
I looked behind me and saw Soul... He was smiling down on me. 
"I uh- Yeah, just dropped a few things" I said turning back to my things and picking them up.
"Here" He picked up my books and I grabbed my bags, we both stood up and he handed me my things.
"Thanks" I said taking my things, I tried not to look up at him or he'd notice I was blushing. 
"Where you staying?" he asked. I finally looked up at him after the heat in my cheeks died down.
"I- I couldn't find the place, my paper with the place on it blew away that's what make me drop my things in the first place." I said getting a better grip on my things. 
"Oh, well most of the students stay in the same place as me and Maka so let's see if there's room there" He said taking a few of my books noticing that they were gonna fall. Maka and Soul stay in the same place? I tried to ignore that fact but it stuck to me. 
Finally we made it to an apartment place. We walked in and we asked the person behind the desk if there was an extra place. 
"One more" they handed Soul a key and he handed it back to me. 
"Thank you" I said then Soul started to walk to the stairs. I followed him. We finally made it to my room. 
"Right next to ours" Soul said with a small laugh. "Alright I guess I'll see you around"
I opened the door and put my stuff inside then took the books from Soul. He started to walk back to his apartment waving to me. 
"Wait!" I said walking out and stopping him. 
"Oh- I uh- Thank you" I said smiling at him and waving. 
"No problem" Soul said smiling then walking into his room. 

He really is a nice person... I wonder... If I was a Meister, could Soul be my Weapon?

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