Nothing Like Us (On Hold)

SEQUEL TO HIS EYES! (Read to find out what its about!) If you didn't read all of his eyes, you wouldn't understand. It says what it's about in the book! :)


7. Chapter 7

 "Naomi, I have really loved you for a while now, but this thing has been on my heart and I gotta say it." I cleared my throat as I began to sweat uncontrollably.  Naomi's eyes were worried, as I let go of her hand and reached into my pocket. My fingers tracing the velvet little box. I slowly pulled it out and standing up from my chair. I walked over to Naomi and took her hand in my left as I got down on one knee and held the box with the other. Naomi's eyes were as big as saucers as I cleared my dry throat and took a deep breath. 

"Naomi I have loved you ever since I laid eyes on you and I knew you were the one. You are the reason my heart beats and the reason I wake up in the morning. I just want you to know that I'm in love with you. and it would make me the happiest man to ever step-foot on the planet after Jesus. Will you Naomi Renee' Hart marry me, Justin Drew Bieber?!" I asked nervously. She put her hand over her mouth and nodded. I sighed a breathe of relief as I slipped the diamond ring on her left ring finger. She somehow managed the words yes and I jumped up as Naomi threw her arms around my neck hugging me tight with every might she had. When she pulled back, our lips crashed together, I snaked my arms around her waist pulling her closer to me. When I pulled back, I turned and motioned for the guards to open the french doors, that blocked us from the other people eating. 

"She said yes!!!!!" I shouted and the whole restaurant erupted in claps and cheers. I happily called over yet another set of guards and then a carriage with white horses pulled up. After tweeting the news and telling my parents, Naomi and I enjoyed a nice horse and carriage ride while talking over chocolate and cider since Naomi couldn't drink alcohol. 

"Oh my God Justin. You are the best fiance' ever. I never thought I would be getting married. Let alone getting married to Justin Bieber! I know we're young, but are you sur-..."


"No matter the age, true love will always find its way. Okay? I have no regrets while being with you. I'll always stay with you and never leave you or our baby." He said cupping my face and leaning in kissing me. It was a very passionate kiss filled with love and joy. I pulled away as the baby kicked. 

"Babe what's wrong?" 

"Oh the baby just kicked. That's all!" I said smiling and rubbing my stomach. He smiled down at me rubbing his nose against mine. I smiled as his hair tickled me as he kissed my neck. 

"That tickles." I said giggling and gently pushing him away. The cold air whipped around and I nuzzled closer into Justin's side. 

"Mr. and Mrs. Bieber, we have arrived at your cabin, have a great night!" The driver said as Justin helped me out after tipping the driver. We walked back to our cabin section's pool. 

"We don't have any swimwear." Justin said as he watched me remove my shoes and jewelry. He smiled and started to removed his shoes and watch. He watched me in awe as I removed my dress and took my hair out of a ponytail. I saw his mouth drop as I jumped in completely naked with the exception of my bra and undies. I smiled and playfully pointed my finger towards him and telling him to come here to me. He took of his shirt and jeans and hoped in, swimming over to me. I gasped as he cupped the back of my thighs, lifting me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist. Our lips met as he held me closer. Our lips moved in sync as he floated around still holding me. We wandered off into the deep end and I got a little nervous. Justin must have noticed because he tightened his grip around my thighs. 

"Don't worry Babe, I've got you. Do you trust me?" 

"Yes. Do you trust me?" 

"Always and forever more Naomi."

"I love you Justy Bear." 

"I love you too Nae' Nae' Bear." 



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