Nothing Like Us (On Hold)

SEQUEL TO HIS EYES! (Read to find out what its about!) If you didn't read all of his eyes, you wouldn't understand. It says what it's about in the book! :)


6. Chapter 6

I slipped on my snow boats and added the final touches to my snow outfit. Justin and I were going to a couples ski resort and I couldn't wait. I trudged over to the bed and folded some more clothes placing them in the suitcases. Justin came up from behind sneaking his arms around my waist.

"Baby Senorita, my shawty. Please be my little lady my little lady. Mi Amor your the one I adore c'mon be my little lady, my little lady!" He sang as I turned around and placed a kiss on his soft plump lips. I smiled as I pulled away placing our foreheads together.

"You look great and I would really like to get on the road now." He said checking me out taking his bottom lip in between his teeth. I blushed as he continued.

"Why do you still blush around me? Are'nt you used to it? I mean with all the complimenting I give you?"

"I dunno, I guess I just can't belive I'm dating THE Justin Drew Bieber!" I said smling at him and throwing my arms around his neck taking in his scent.

"Well you better get used to it cause' its real Baby!" he whispered kissing my ears gently squeezing my butt. I batted his hands away running of to the bathrrom to do my hair and make-up. When we were finally done dressing we loaded the car and got comfortable in the back, I snuggled my head against Justin's chest and dozed off into a soft slumber.



"Naomi wake up, we're here." I felt Justin shake me in attempt to awake me. I fluttered my eyes open to realize we were in an actucal "winter wonderland". I got put of the car, crunching on the snow as we walked up closer. Thee was a few smaller mountains and one big one. The drive into town wasn't that long, and the cabins were nice and warm. We walked into the place to check in and we were automatically served with hot cocoa. I slipped down the warm liquid and walked with Justin as we got ouer keys and went ack outside to catch the cart taking us to our cabin.

"What Name?" The diver asked as he crunk up the car and blasted the heat.

"Rosy Rabbit." I replied as I took another sip of the cocoa before all th heat went away. As we drove off onto the snowy road ahead. I thought to myself how amazing this place looked. There were pine trees everywhere covered with snow and the snow was blinded that everytime you came outside you needed sunglasses.

"We're here." the driver said snapping me out of my thoughts. He helped Justin with the bags as I trudged in closely behind. The warmth over took my body as I plopped down on the bed kicking off my boots.

"Would you like a massgae?" Justin asked taking off his jacket as I took off mine, including our hats and gloves. I nodded as I fell back onto the bed. Justin took my small feet into his be=ig hands and began to press his fingers into them massgaing them. When he was done with my feet, he moved up and massaged my back. I massaged his shoulders and temples. And after all the massages wered done, we ended up dozing off together.


*Later on that night*

"This is really good. I've never really had octopus before!" I said popping a piece of calamari in my mouth. Justin smiled and nodded. He took a bite from his cut up steak offering me a piece he cleared his throat.

"Today's a beautiful night eh?" He asked nervously. He was right. Tonight was great, not too cold and it was just perfect. Justin looked around nervously before taking my hand.

"Naomi, I have really loved you for a while noe, but this thing has been on m heart and I gotta say it...."






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