Nothing Like Us (On Hold)

SEQUEL TO HIS EYES! (Read to find out what its about!) If you didn't read all of his eyes, you wouldn't understand. It says what it's about in the book! :)


5. Chapter 5

 *Next Couple of Days*

Turns out, I had a concussion and Justin had head injuries and a few minor cuts. I slipped on my shades as we walked out. But before I could make it into the van to go to lunch , I vomited all over the ground. I doubled over in pain as I puked again. What the hell?

"Babe what's going on?" Justin asked bending down with me. I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders. I was about to reply before I threw up again. I leaned my head back into Justin's lap cold droplets of sweat toppling over my head. I was now shaking uncontrollably and couldn't stop. I tried to stop shaking but I just shook even more, still sweating Justin carried me into the van as we drove to the hospital. Once we were there, Justin ran up to the receptionist counter.

"I don't know what's wrong with her! Please Help?!" He said as he supported my head. I was lead up the stairs and into a room on a bed. I plopped my head back down on the pillow. Only sitting up to throw up now and again. Once the doctor came in I was all puked out. I closed my eyes and brought my knees up to my chest and dozed off. 


I woke up to the sound of happy chattering voices. I sat up propping my-self up on my elbows. 

"Hey! Look who's up!" Justin exclaimed running over to my bed and kissing my forehead. 

"Hey. why are you all so happy? What's going on?' I asked scooting up and running my hands through my hair. I looked in the mirror and I was a mess. My hair was all over the place and my lips were beyond chapped. I looked really out of it. 

"Why did you change clothes and why do I look like this? I have only been here for at least 15 minutes!" I said frowning and looking over to Justin. He looked nervously around at his mom and Scooter. Then his glance finally fell back on me. 

"What?" I asked and then I felt a kick in my stomach, "What the hell was that?" I asked frowning placing a hand on my stomach. Justin placed his hand in mine. He looked me deep in the eyes and took a deep breath.

"Actually Naomi, you've been in here for a while now and that kick in your stomach was because-.." He trailed off. Pattie stepped up and finished for him.

"That kick in your stomach was a foot. Because you're pregnant again. You had twins in there and the other one died. You're having a baby." 

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