Nothing Like Us (On Hold)

SEQUEL TO HIS EYES! (Read to find out what its about!) If you didn't read all of his eyes, you wouldn't understand. It says what it's about in the book! :)


4. Chapter 4

I woke up in an all white room. Wait what? Why the heck was I in here? Last thing I remember was in the car with Naomi and we were on our way to the house, then it all went blank.... NAOMI!! I shot up and looked around, I ripped out IV in my arm and ran to the door thrusting it open. I walked down the hall unnoticed until I ran into a nurse.

"Mr. Bieber sir, you need to go back to your room!" The nurse said guiding me back towards the room.

"No! Where's Naomi? Where's my girlfriend?? When I looked at her last her eyes were closed!! Where is she! I'm not going back in there until I find out where she is!!!" I shouted pushing past him and shouting her name. The male nurse ran after me grabbing me by the shoulders. My vein popped with rage as I quickly slung him off, his back flying into the nearest wall. I continued to walk until I found some steps bypassing the elevator. I pushed open the door and stumbled to the first floor. Once on the first floor I was met by my family.

"Justin!!!" my mom said running up to me and pulling me into a hug kissing me all over. I smiled my weakest smile.

"Where's Naomi?" I asked brushing past her now in the middle of the waiting area.

"She's right next to you on your floor baby." My mother said guiding me back upstairs and into Naomi's room. She was an angel asleep.

"I-is she gonna be okay?" I stuttered not losing my eye contact from Naomi. Pattie nodded as I walked towards Naomi. I sat down next to her bed on the bed that was next to hers. I hooked my-self back up and scooted the bed as close as I could t Naomi's bed. I gently intertwined our finger together as I closed my eyes whispering things in her ear. When she slightly moved, I smiled and kept going. Just as she slightly moved again, the doctor came in.


Naomi POV

I slightly moved as I heard Justin's voice, I was awake I just couldn't open my eyes. I heard the doctor talking and Pattie. I tried as hard as I could to open my eyes and after about 12 tries, my eyes finally opened and Justin jumped up. Tightening his grip on my hand he continued to talk to me.

"Hey Babe. It's me Justin. I'm so happy you're awake. Do you remember me?" he asked me raising his eyebrows. I smiled and nodded. Then it hit me. Was the baby okay?

"H-how's the baby?" I asked sitting up. The doctor's face turned pale. He looked down and sighed.

"Mr. Bieber, Ms. Hart, Ms. Mellette. I am very sorry to inform you of the death of you baby. You had a miscarriage Ms. hart, from the impact of the car. I'm very sorry. My deepest condolences. God Bless." My face was instantly scrunched up as the tears began to fall and I began to sob. I buried my face in Justin's chest and sobbed into the hospital gown he was wearing.

"W-when c-can we leave s-sir?" Justin asked as his voice began to crack. I knew he was crying, so was I. My heart, our heart was broken. Our first baby was gone, forever.

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