Nothing Like Us (On Hold)

SEQUEL TO HIS EYES! (Read to find out what its about!) If you didn't read all of his eyes, you wouldn't understand. It says what it's about in the book! :)


3. Chapter 3

"Tell me what?" I asked walking up tomy mom and Naomi taking a seat.

"Uh. T-tell you how the doctor confirmed my pregnacy." Naomi said just above a whisper. I was baffled as I sat down next to her. We used a condom, right?

"Justin, Naomi is pregnant with your child and that means you didn't save yourself for marriage. I am very disapointed between you too." My mom said getting up and walking out of the door. I put my head in my hands.

"Shit." I mumbled. I love kids but I wasn't ready for any yet, at all. I turned to Naomi and kissed her, putting our forheads together intertwining our hands. I walked out of the store with Naomi.

"I love you." I cupped her chin in my hands.

"I love you  too."



I opened the car door for Naomi and went to my other side and got in.

"Where are we going?" She asked knitting her eyebrows together.

"Surprise." I said starting the egnition and roaring off. I turned the corner and stopped at a red light. Then I hit the gas with my foot and immediatly slammed the brakes. BAM!



I woke up in the car, I lifted my head and yelped in pain as agony shot through my body. I turned my head and saw Naomi. Eyes closed. I put my head back and closed my eyes. After calling 911, blackness surrounded me and Naomi.






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