Nothing Like Us (On Hold)

SEQUEL TO HIS EYES! (Read to find out what its about!) If you didn't read all of his eyes, you wouldn't understand. It says what it's about in the book! :)


23. Chapter 23

I woke up in Justin arms and that made me smile.

"Good morning beautiful. How did you sleep?" he asked

"I slept great babe how about you?" I answered him.

"Slept in Heaven." He said as he gave me a kiss. I kissed him on the lips and got up to get dressed.

"Wait. where are you going?"

"I'm getting dressed duh! Don't you wanna go to Atlantis?" I asked as I went into the bathroom. After a shower I ate brushed my teeth and but on some clothes. I threw on my bathing suit and shorts with some flip-flops and my ray-ban glasses and I stuffed my beach bag with food and all that jazz.

Justin got dressed and we walked down all the decks until we got to the bottom and we walked out onto the ramp.

"Welcome to de Bahamas! You  lookin' fo de Atlantis? De Atlantis is right dis way jus' follow de signs to de bus and get on de bus and de bus will tek ya to de Atlantis o'kay? O'right. Go on nah, ya hear? And baby cova up yo'self. Dis ain't where the prositues' be at baby! Bye now!" the old lady said in her Bahamian accent.

"Okay. and this is a bathing suit because its hot and we're gonna be swimming. Okay? Alright." I said as we walked away. Once on the bus we went to Atlantis and we were amazed it is amazing! We got on the slides that slid into the pool. We went swimming and went rode in the Lazy River. then we ate with our free food vouchers. After lunch, we went to the beach and rode the waves and slung each other in the water and fell down into the sand. We made a sand castle and watched get washed away. I buried Justin in the said all the way up to his neck and he did the same for me. He held me by the waist as we rode the biggest wave that knocked us both off of our feet.

"Justin!" I laughed.

It was the best day ever!




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