Nothing Like Us (On Hold)

SEQUEL TO HIS EYES! (Read to find out what its about!) If you didn't read all of his eyes, you wouldn't understand. It says what it's about in the book! :)


11. Chapter 11

Justin POV

Today is a week until the baby is due so Naomi and I decided that we were going to go shopping to make final touches to the nursery. And by final touches i mean start setting up the nursery. I took her to BabiesRUs to go shopping for everything we need. We walked in and there were so many pregnant women who came by themselves. It breaks my heart to see single pregnant women because that probably means the father doesnt want to be a part of  the family. I will always be there for Naomi, no matter what happens. We walked around the store and  I couldn't help but notice how amazing Naomi looked compared to all the other pregnant women. She looks so good and fit. I can't wait  for the next week to come so I can finally hold my baby boy. 

I found a really cute white crib that I thought Naomi would love.

"Babe, look at this crib, isn't it cute?"

"It is so adorable." The crib was white but it also had dark blue stars on it. It was so adorable. 

"What about this changing table?" I asked pointing to a white wooded table with a blue cushion sitting on top. 

"I love it! It matches the crib perfectly! Now we have to get the paint, diaper genie, some diapers, clothes, and bottles."
"I feel like we waited too late to get all this stuff."

"It's because we did. I am due in a week. A week isn't a lot of time to finish the nursery. I want it to be perfect!" 

  "And you will get perfect! I promise!"

"Ok, so I also want some picture frames so that we can put the ultrasound images in them. And when he is 2 weeks on=ld we are taking family pictures."

"Anything you want darling!" I seriously didn't care about anything she wanted to get, I just wanted her to be happy. I got everything and loaded it in the cart. 

"Dang Justin, look at those guns!" She said refering to my muscular arms.
"Why, thank you!" I gathered everything and pushed the cart to the cash register and payed for everything. 

"Ok, lets go home." Naomi said rubbing her belly. I know she is getting excited to set up the baby room. She's just excited for the baby in general. She has hardly been sick since her pregnancy (accept for the first 2 months) and when the baby started kicking she practically cried because she was so excited. I wont lie, I am really excited too.

We got home and started painting the walls. Naomi took the scent of the paint really well. I thought it might have made her sick.

"Hey baby, I forgot to get the stirring stick. I will go downstairs and get it!" I said.

"Ok love!" I ran down the stairs and went digging through the bag to find them when I heard Naomi scream!

 "JUSTIN!!!!! MY WATER JUST BROKE!!!!!!" I started to panic. I dropped the sticks and ran up the stairs. 

"Oh my God, are you okay?"

 "Yeah. Just get  me to the hospital please!" She said grabbing my hand. I loaded everything up and drove to the hospital. 




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