Summer Love

While in Cancun with the rest of One Direction, Harry Styles comes across a girl that looks very familiar to him. They meet, and Harry realizes its his best friend Halle from grade school! Will there be romance? Read to find out!


1. Who is she?

Ok so I've seen other people do this on FanFic so I thought I'd try it!

Me: Hey Niall! Can you do the disclaimer?

Niall: What's in it for me?

Me: I'll take you to Nando's.

Niall: *grins* Halle does not own One Direction or Cancun.

Me: Thanks Niall!

Niall: No biggie, now, lets go to Nando's!


Harry's POV:

"This is the life!" I thought to myself as I sat on the beaches of Cancun. The sun, the sand, everything I need for a perfect summer getaway.

Nobody's POV:

The boys had been on a year long world tour, so they decided to go to Cancun to relax. It was just what they needed.

Harry's POV:

I was lying on a beach blanket when I heard someone call my name. It was a girl speaking, and I didn't recognize the voice. I sat up and looked at the girl. She had long brown hair, and she was wearing a royal blue two piece swimsuit .She was starting to look familiar. I then stood up, still trying to remember who she was. She came closer to me, and that's when I remembered. "Halle?!" I said. "Harry!!" she said back. I walked closer to her and gave her a big hug.


Author's note- Sorry I know that ending kinda sucked and it was short but I was low on ideas. Read and Review?

~Halle Styles <3

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