Summer Love

While in Cancun with the rest of One Direction, Harry Styles comes across a girl that looks very familiar to him. They meet, and Harry realizes its his best friend Halle from grade school! Will there be romance? Read to find out!


2. Best Friends Reunite


*Harry and Halle are making out*

Liam: *walks in* Ok then, since those two are busy, Halle does not own One Direction, Cancun, or the song "Little Things". However, she does own her character based on herself.

Halle: *pulls away from Harry for a moment* Thanks Liam!! *goes back to making out with Harry*

Liam: No problem! *leaves*


Halle's POV:

I couldn't believe it!! Harry Styles, my best friend from grade school, was on the exact same beach as me! After I moved away, I thought that I'd never see him again!!

Flashback: 7 years ago

It was June 16th. A young Harry and young Halle were standing in Halle's driveway hugging each other so tightly. Why? Halle was moving. There were tears streaming down both of their faces. "I'll never forget you". Harry said as they broke apart. "I won't ever forget you either". Halle replied. Then suddenly they heard Halle's mum calling her to the car. It was time to leave. As Halle started to walk away, she turned back around and ran over to Harry and gave him an even bigger hug than before. When they broke apart, they stared at each other for a few moments. Harry couldn't resist. He leaned forward and kissed her. She immediently kissed him back. It lasted for only a few seconds,but it was perfect. Halle's mum called for once more, and Halle gave Harry a quick peck on the cheek. "I love you Harry". she whispered to him. Harry smiled at her and whispered back, "I love you more". And then just like that, she was gone.

Flashback over

Halle's POV:

"I can't believe it's you!" I exclaimed. He smiled at me and said, "I can't believe it's you!! How've you been?". "I'm great! And you?", I replied. "I'm doing good". he said. I smiled at him. Even after all these years, I've always had feelings for Harry. We were 12 when I moved away. I am completley shocked! I am so happy I get to see my best friend for the first time in 7 years!


Harry's POV:

Wow. She's more beautiful than ever! Ok, ok you got me. I'm still in love with my best friend even after all these years. "So Halle, are you doing anything tonight?", I asked. "I am not. Why?", she replied. I blushed a little bit and said, "I was wondering if you wanted to go out to dinner tonight?". She smiled at me and said, "I would love to!". I smiled back at her. Then, we spent the next 3 hours together walking on the beach and catching up with each other. I hope tonight goes well.


Hey Directioners!! What'd you guys think of chapter 2?? Sorry I haven't updated in a while!! Anyways, read and review?? <3

~Halle Styles <3

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