The Beauty Underneath

A love story between a insecure girl and Liam Payne and she finds that she is beautiful inside and out.


2. The Makeover

Two weeks later Artine and I were in my room getting ready for the auditions that were tomorrow.

"Ok we are going to tweeze your eye brows, put make-up on you, sorry hun" she said as she seen the look on my  face. " And we are going to go shopping for a new outfit and I'm very sorry but you are going to be wearing heels"

I froze and slowly turned to face her. "Or so you think" I said.

"I guess you dont want a chance at your future husband" she said all sing-song

"I just dont get how you expect me to wear heels in my life but you expect me to wear them now!" But in my mind the chance to meet Liam was worth the pain of 5in heels.

Just then My thoughts were interupted by my father slamming the door, Probably drunk again. Mom died two years ago and ever since then my dad has been drinking non-stop. Artine looked at my face and said

"Dont worry, Things are going to get better"

"I sure do hope so, and very soon." 

About an hour later Artine said

"Are you ready to see the brand new you?" she asked

" Unveil the disaster"  and as she turned the chair I gasped

 I seen my face like I had never seen it before and it threw me off. I couldnt believe my eyes and I started to tear up and almost started bawling. For once I actually started to feel beautiful and feel like I was the girl Liam deserved.

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