The Beauty Underneath

A love story between a insecure girl and Liam Payne and she finds that she is beautiful inside and out.


3. The Audition

Well that confidence was short lived as I woke up and looked in the mirror. Ever have that regret the decision you made a day or a week before? Well me too, expecially now. Ugh what the hell was I thinking? But it was too late to backdown now. The only thing that kept me going is the chance to meet Liam so I got up and got the new outfit that Artine had given to me and she would do my make-up in her fancy new limo. As I was getting dressed I thought about Liam's beautiful eyes and his sexy heart-shaped birthmark, but the most beautiful thing about him was his personality. He could be serious, funny, sad, and happy all at the same time and he was very sweet. Artine arrived and we didn't talk the whole ride because we were so nervous. as we pulled up to he studio My heart started racing and I got butterflys in my stomach. We walked into the audition waiting area and I looked around and my worst fears had been relized, All the girls there were gerogous with perfect bodies. Artine seen the look of dispear on my face

"Don't worry, most of these girls are stuck up snobs and won't even get considered, They aren't looking for girls like that."

Almost an hour later I was called into the room and felt like I was going to throw-up. I walked in and was greeted by 2 Judges one man and a woman.

"Hello, How are you today" She said in a friendly voice

"I'm doing fine"

"There is no need to be nervous hun! Just relax!"

Judge number 2 then said

"You are looking beautiful today and we are both sad to say that you have gotten through!"

I almost fainted and I yelled thank you as I ran out of the room. I found out that me and Artine had gotten through! This is when I slowly started to realize that my life was starting to look up.

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