The Beauty Underneath

A love story between a insecure girl and Liam Payne and she finds that she is beautiful inside and out.


1. Another crappy day

I woke up to my crappy life and another day in Wolverhampton. It was a rainy day and the weather matched my mood. Another Monday at my school being bullied and pushed around. As I started heading out the door my only friend Artine came running around the corner. Her and I were complete opposites, she was loud, vibrant and most of all, She was drop dead georgous. She got every guy she has ever wanted and right now her new beau was Midahkota, a tall Native american guy that had georgous long hair and a handsom face. Me well I'm the quiet goth girl that has been bullied since elemetary school. "Hey!" She yelled "Why in the hell are you walking so fast?"

"I'm just trying to get this day done with" I said

"Well, you'll never guess what happened at Christian's party!"

"You've got me" I said with my word dripping sarcasm

"One of Christian's dad's friend is a music producer and he's looking for girls for a new video!!!!"


"He is looking for girls for the new One direction video and I signed up for an audition!"

"So? What does this have to do with me?"

"I also signed you up for one too"  she had said so quietly I almost hadn't heard her.

"WHAT!?!?!?!?!?" I screamed at the top of my lungs

"Please don't be mad at me! she pleaded you need something to take the mind off the crap that has been happening at school and at home"

On the inside I was secretly happy because I had the biggest crush on Liam Payne a.k.a Daddy Direction but I knew that deep down that I was not the right girl for him. On the bus I sat down in the front seat and I though about Liam but only moments after my head explodes in pain and I am seeing stars and then I black out. When I wake up I'm on the floor with Tammy and Candy, Lisa's little slaves, standing over me. Candy kicks the science textbook that had hit me on the head.

"You better have my homework done by Friday. You got me?"

I nodded my weakly as I picked up the textbook. As I walked off the bus I noticed that Artine was occupied with her new beau so I didn't bother talking to her. I check my head and as I walked into the school I could have sworn that the sign had said "Welcome to Hell"


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