The Perfect Day

It was the day of love. Valentines Day. Alex and Kimberly were so excited for there double date. But will it be as perfect as they planed?

(Valentines Day with 1D contest)


1. The Perfect Day

I awaken to my phone going off. I have a text from my boyfriend, Liam.

Hey love. Me and Haz will be there in about 15 minutes. I love you. ~Liam

I can't believe my alarm clock didn't go off!

"Alex! Alex wake up!" I say shakeing my best friend awake. We have a Valentines double date today.

"What Kimmy?" Alex asks tiredly.

"Haz and Liam are going to be here in 15 minutes!" I yell. She jumps up.

"WHAT! I'M NO WHERE NEAR READY!" she screams looking around the room fantically for her clothes.

"Neither am I! My alarm clock broke! Let's just get dressed really fast," I say hannding Alex her bag.

"Ok," she says smileing. She's been dating Harry for seven months. I've been dating Liam for 10 months. This is all of our first Valentines days together and the boys wanted to make it special. We have no clue what they are planning. 

                                             *                              *                          *


"They are here!" I yell to Alex as she is putting on here shoes. She has her blond hair in a messy bun. She is wearing a slightly tightfitting red dress that goes to her knees. She has matching shoes and is wearing an airplane necklace Harry got her for her birthday.

"Cute outifit Kimberly!" she says examining me. I am wearing a short black dress, and my black and white converse snekers. I have on a panda hat Liam gave me for my birthday. My usually curly hair is straightened.

"Thanks. I see we are both wearing our birthday presents," I say laughing.

"Oh my gosh we are! Funny. Now let's go before they think we forgot!" Alex says grabbing my hand and pulling me out of my room.

We run outside and hop in the car. I sit up frount next to Liam and Alex sits in the back with Harry.

"Are you excited?" Harry asks.

"Yeah," I say smileing at Liam. I lean over and kiss his cheak as he drives. He smiles at me.

"I love you Kimmy," he says.

"I love you too Liam," I say. He smiles.

"Love the romance but remember that we are still here before you make out," Alex says. Harry, Liam, and I laugh.

We spent the next twenty minutes in the car laughing and jokeing around with each other.

"We are almost there," Liam says smileing. "Put this on," he hands me a blindfold.

"What why?" I ask. Alex is holding a blindfold also.

"We don't want you seeing till we are there," Harry says taking Alex's blindfold and tieing it around her eyes.

I shrug and put mine on.

After about 5 minutes we come to a stop and Liam turns off the car engine. I hear to doors open. "Alex?" I ask.

"I'm still here Kimmy," Alex says nervious. I don't know what's taking them so long.

Suddenly the door next to me flys open and Liam's soft, warm hand gently grabs mine. I feel him slowly pull me out of the car. He closes the door and puts his other hand on my waist. He begins leading me toward a place I can't see. I feel his eyes looking at me. I keep hearing Alex and Harry giggling. They must be flirting, again.

I hear the bell, as if a door to a store opened. Liam continues walking and leads me to a table.

"Take off your blindfold, babe," I hear Harry say.

"You can take off your blindfold too, if you want." Liam whispers to me. He's so sweet to me. I take off my blindfold quickly and I kiss Liam's cheak. I grab his hand and we both sit at the table.

The resteraunt is small. It's not the type you'd expect One Direction to go to. It's sortof a cosy place. It's all decked out for Valentines Day too. Unlike were Niall is taking Jenna, Alex's and my good friend. He's just taking her to Nandos. A smile forms on my face as I think of my sweet Nandos buddy. We go to Nandos at least once a week together.

"Hey there I'm Megan," our waiter says casually.

"Hi," we all say in responce.

"Can I interest you in our special of the day?" she asks.

"What is it?" Harry asks.

"Chicken noodle soup," she says calmly. I can feel Liam get tense at the thought of using a spoon.

"No. I believe we are ok. And when you bring our sliverware, we would very much like it if you didn't include any spoons. I mean if that isn't a bother," I say grabbing Liam's hand.

Megan gives us an odd look, agrees, and then takes order. The food comes quickly and we all begin eating.

"What do think Zayn and Louis are doing?"  Alex asks halfway into the meal.

"Louis went putt putting with Elanor," Harry says.

"Oh course you know," Liam laughs.

"Zayn said something about taking Nicki to the zoo," I say. Alex nods.

"I find it so strange how that one consert could make our lives so amazing," Liam says holding my hand and hugging Alex.

Harry grabs Alex from Liam's grasp and hugs her hard. "She's mine Liam. And I agree. That day was the best day of my life."

He's refering to the concert that we meet the boys at. Alex, Nicki, Jenna, and I got backstage passes to a One Direction concert. We all began talking and we hit it off as friends. Then Zayn started dating Nicki. Then Liam and I became a couple. Then suddenly, for the first time since the band formed, Niall had a girlfriend. Harry and Alex were the last of us to get together, but everyone that sees them knows they are meant to be.

After we eat Liam tells me he has another surprise for me. We hop into his car and he drives me to a beautiful park. There is a certain area that I really find magnificent. There are these beautiful oak trees with a rainbow of colorul flowers underneath. There is a black iron bench with ivy growing up the side. A small pond is near the trees. Liam grabs my hand and begins running to the bench.

We sit on the bench together and cuddle.

"Liam?" I ask.

"Yeah," he says. I sit up and look at him.

"I love you," I say. I give him a kiss.

"I love you too," He says pulling me closer to him.

We sit in silence for a few minutes. Not an awkward silence though. Just a silence to sort of enjoy what's happening.

"Can I tell you a secret?" Liam asks me.

"Of course." I say.

"You can't tell anyone. Even Alex." Liam says.

"Woah. It's a huge secret if I can't tell Alex," I say smileing.

"Harry is looking for an engagement ring," Liam whispers in my ear.

"Are you serious! That's amazing!" I say, jumping off the bench.

"Yeah. But I don't have to look for one," Liam says standing next to me. What does he man by that? Is he dumping me? Does he not want to marry me?

"Why not?" I ask matter-of-factly.

"Because I already have one," he says geting on one knee and pulling a small black box out of his pockett. He opens the box and I see the most perfect ring I have ever seen. It's pure silver, and ingraved into it is Liam & Kimberly<3 . I feel a tear of joy run down my cheak.

"Kimberly Jackson. Will you marry me?" Liam asks.

"Of couse," I say smileing. Liam puts the ring on my finger and I kiss him. "So can I tell Alex about this?" I ask.

"Ha. Yeah love." Liam says. He grabs my hand and we begin walking back to his car. He's driving back to the resteraunt to get Harry and Alex.

Boy I can't wait to show them!











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