My Little Bird 1Shot41D

Love. The best feeling in the whole world. When we're in it, nothing else matters but you and the person you're in love with. What better day to express it than Valentine's day? For Amber, it means recieving the biggest surprise.


1. My Little Bird


       Sunlight beamed through my window, shedding light only on my eyes. It gradually continued on, spreading all over me. My bare legs, peeking out from under my tiny shorts, tingled with warmth. I had woken up face-first into my pillow, body strewn across the bed and tangled within the sheets. Wearily, turning my head, I glanced over at my alarm clock, knowing that I had woken up late.


      “That’s not very late.” I shrugged. I maneuvered  my arms out from under me and stretched them, ridding myself of any sleep that could have been sneaking its way back into my mind.

      I stepped gingerly onto the wooden floor of my bedroom and made my way over to the door. My legs hadn’t traveled very far out into the hallway when I felt something soft under my soles.

     “What?” I looked down to see dozens and dozens of crimson rose petals scattered everywhere. Realization flooded me. “It’s Valentine’s Day.”

      Could it be? Had he—he must have! Laughing silently, I followed the ever- growing trail down the stairs, through the living room, and outside onto the patio. But the route hadn’t stopped. My gaze followed it steadily, out until it led to the enormous gazebo in my backyard. My feet bare, I excitedly ran to it, anxiety pumping through my veins. The number of petals grew as I got closer and closer. I noticed that just before the steps leading into the gazebo, the petals had separated, following the perimeter to form a heart around it. When I was only a few feet away, I began to hear a guitar being strummed and an angelic voice singing. Liam.

     “But if I kiss you will your mouth read this truth,

Darling how I miss you, strawberries taste how lips do,

And its not complete yet, mustn't get our feet wet,

Cause that leads to regret, diving in too soon,

And I’ll owe it all to you, oh my little bird. My little bird.” His voice echoed. He knew it was my favorite song.

      Love; the only word that came to my mind. Liam loved me and I loved him. Everything was just perfect. Our eyes locked and I was filled with happiness. I ran to him and I threw my arms around him. Finishing off the song, Liam set aside the guitar and squeezed me against him.

      “Happy Valentine’s Day, Amber. I love you.”

      “I love you too, Liam.” I lifted my head from his chest and looked into his dark, brown eyes. He titled his head as I let my eyelids droop. Our lips met in a romantic kiss; one that words could not even describe.  With his hand placed on my lower back and my arms around his neck, I could only muster one thought in my mind, and it happened to be a quote from a certain book called “The Perks Of Being a Wallflower”; “and in this moment, I swear we were infinite.”


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