Will You Be My Valentine?

Kim Brooke has a very big crush on a guy in school, and wants him to be her valentine. But what will happen when she gets notes in her locker with little hints on them? Who is it? Is it her curly haired, blue eyed, bakery working cush? Or is it that quarterback guy who has a crush on her? Will he want her to be his valentine? And what would she say?


1. Notes.

I walk up to my locker, which is next to my best friend's Stephany's. I open it, and as I am taking ot my books for foreign language, I see a note on the door of the inside of my locker. I take it off and read it. In neat handwriting it says:

Follow the yellow brick road.
xx Secret admirer.

It had a pink heart on it. Hmm.... Who can it possibly be? Oh my gosh, imagine it was my crush? His name is Harry. He has curly auburn hair and beautiful green eyes. But... but what if it was the football team's quarterback? His name was Brad. He has black hair and brown eyes. He always tries to flirt with me and sends me notes in the classes we have together. Ugh. The fact that it might be Brad scares me. "Kim?" My name snaps me out of my thoughts. "Oh... sorry," I say. I look to see Stephany next to me. "What is that note?" she asks. "Oh, a note from a 'secret admirer'," I say. "Ooh! Give me! Let me see it!" she squeals. I pass it to her and she reads the note. "Oh, my, gosh, what if it's Harry?" Stephany sounds excited. "Yeah," I say. "But it can also be Brad." "Oh, yeah," says Stephany, turning glum. "All I could do now is 'follow the yellow brick road'. What does that mean?" I sound curious. "Oh, I think it's that line of yellow post-its on the floor from science," Stephany says. "OK, thanks Steph!" I say, giving her a quick hug. Then I run off to science class and start following the post-its. They all had hearts on them. As I came to the one leading to a door, I looked up to see it's my next class. Perfect. I follow the small yellow papers until I reach a desk, my desk, and look up. On the desk was a box of chocolates, a bouquet of bueatiful red and pink roses, and another post-it, saying:

Two questions. Will you be my valentine? And will you go out with me?

Only after I read the note do I realize someone is standing next to my desk across from me. I look up and it's.... IT'S HARRY! OHMYGOD! I blush beat red and grin from ear to ear. Harry looks at m expectantly and says, "Well?" with this deep but cute husk voice. I stare at him for a minute, and his face dropped, thinking I would say no. "Uh, yeah!" I exclaim. "I was hoping you would! I thought it might be Brad, but I found out it wasyou and you do not know how happy I am!" "So you would be my valentine AND my girlfriend?" Harry asks. "Yeah! Sure! But just promise not to cheat?" I say, meaning it. He pulls me close by my waist, looks me dead in the eyes, and says, "I promise." And the next thing I know, there is no space in between our lips. Harry kissed me. I coould feel sparks fly as clear as a drop of water.

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