17 year old Rylee Summers, is the new girl at school. While she's getting to know her way around, she runs into Justin, the biggest player and jerk in school Justin Bieber. (I know its like other stories, but I will try to make it different!) *JUSTIN NOT FAMOUS* :)


11. Whaaaaaaaa?

 I woke up to my phone buzzing like crazy. I stuck my hand out feeling around the nightsand for the phone. When I heard it fall, I jumped up and checked to see if it was cracked, and sure enough, the stupid Galaxy S III was cracked like an egg. I groaned and checked the message I recieved,

 'Hey! You up? Meet me at Starbucks in 15 minutes!' That was from Justin. I groaned again and trudged to the shower, after whasing up I stepped out and brushed my teeth. I walked back into my rrom with a towel on my head and a purple robe on and picked out what I was gonna wear today. I decided on a plain red razor-back, a light blue jean shirt, and some black and white tribal leggings. I put on red converse and walked into the bathroom to domy hair. I decided on being natural and I moosed it a bit letting it hang over my shoudler. I grabbed my cracked phone and py over the shoulder bag. Grabbing money from my bank and throwing on minimal make-up and my red and black sunglasees. I looked at my slef in the length mirror and took a picture. That would go on Instagram later. I gave myself on elast look befre running downstairs to get my Dad.

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaad! I'm ready to goooooooo!!!" I yelled up the stairs. I heard a few things before he came out of his room.

"What?" He asked scrathcing the back of his neck.

"Its time for you to drive me somewhere!"

"Oh right! Coming!" He ran back into the room returning into the living room.

"Lets go kiddo!" he said as I told him where to go.


"Love you dad bye!" I shouted as I walked into Starbucks. I opened the door and looked around for Justin. I spotted him in the back. I ran over to his table just as the waitress came.



"Hey Justin."

"Hello! My name is Vannessa and I will be your server today! What can I start you out with?"


"I'll have the cinnamon crunch bagel and a blond roast with a dash of creame please!" I said smiling and looking over at Justin.


"I'll have the same."


"So why did you wanna meet me here?" Justin looked around nervously and ran his hands through his hair. He grabbed my hands and closed his eyes.


"I uhm, wanted to know if you uhm. Wanted to uhm. Take it to the uhm. Next level uhm. Because of last night. Uhm Yeah." I dropped my mouth and my eye s bluged. I had sex with him and he took it the wrong way. AHHH!


"Uhm. Listen, Justin I was feeling sad and pity for you so I did what you wanted me to do. You must now remeber, but you asked to have sex with you to get your mind off of things, i agreed and we made love. I drove home as you slept. Then I walked home from your house."


"Really? Oh. So do you??? Wanna take it to the next level?"


"In the game or between us?" I asked.


"Rylee, I wanna have sex with you all fucking night long." He stood up leading me to the family bathroom. He molded our bodies together. Rubbing his croth on my front. Alls I'm gonna say is Hell Yeah I'll date Yah after that! Whew!

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