17 year old Rylee Summers, is the new girl at school. While she's getting to know her way around, she runs into Justin, the biggest player and jerk in school Justin Bieber. (I know its like other stories, but I will try to make it different!) *JUSTIN NOT FAMOUS* :)


4. The Game Begins

After sleeping over Whitney's house, Justin and I practiced our little game and things. We learned things about each other and what we like and on't like in a relationship. Justin said we should have sex but thats not part of the game. I'm not  giving my delicious cookies to his lame ass. I had on dark blue skinny jeans, black vans, and a Aeropostale shirt. My hairr was straight and down my back.


"Hey. Rylee, do I start calling you like 'babe' now for real babe?"


"Yes. I guess, Babe." I gave him a hug and a kiss  and went to class.

As I walked to class, I got stares and whispers from everyone around the hallway. I ignored and walked in my Chemistry class and sat down in the back. 

"Okay class, today we will be starting our month long project and  will explain that in a minute after attendance. Kyle, Jake, Justin, Maddie, Kaylin, Logan, Hannah, Nathan,....." I zoned out after Mrs. Troth got to Nathan Frankson. 


"Rylee Summers?" Mrs. Troth snapped me out of my thoughts. I quickly regained and replied with a here and she continued. 



"So, I'll meet you after school at my place to study okay?" My best friend Leah said as we walked out of the school.


"Yeah. I just gotta get something from my locker." I said motioning towards my locker and walking over there to it. I saw Justin heading towards me and I immediately hardened. 


"Hey, Rylee. Do you wanna hang out tonight? Maybe go see a movie?" Justin asked leaning closer and whispering in my ear softly kissing it. I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes. 

"Yeah I guess. What time are you picking me up?"


"Oooh. Demanding much? Does 8:30 sound alright? Or is that too late?" He said frowning in thought.


"8:30 is fine and plus its a Thursday, perfect movie day! See ya then. Bye" I said as he pulled me in for a hug and kissed me on the cheek. I walked outside and got in my mom's car.


"Rylee! Cariño, me voy en un viaje de negocios por cerca de 2 semanas, ¿vale? Tu padre estará aquí y no sabe cómo comunicarse con usted en tierra, para ir fácil en él bien? Gracias, cariño."


"Mamá Está bien. Y oye usted también."


"Oh cariño, lo siento yo estaba excitado y tenía que decirte!"


"Excited? ¿Por qué iba a estar contentos de que nos está yendo? Mamá, eso es raro y el tipo de medio."


"Lo que quería decir que estaba pasando en este viaje traería más dinero en chicas. Y más dinero significa más cosas para usted y sus hermanos. ¿No quieres un Iphone 5? ¿O era ese teléfono culo grande sabes que tu padre nunca te pones? Su papá es divertido como el infierno!"


"¡Mami! Usted maldecir extraño super! Usted no debe maldecir a mi alrededor todos modos. Es una madre mal ejemplo! ¡Basta ya!"


"Oh, por favor, usted actúa como si nunca te discutió antes! Como cuestión de hecho, quiero oírte maldecir en estos momentos. Te doy permiso, por lo que hacen! Ahora!"


"¡Muy bien! Estoy enfermo y cansado de estos estúpidos rostros perra azada. Eso hizo que algunos nervios real para estar hablando mierda sobre mí y mi familia." After we finally got home, I threw my stuff down and waited for Leah to come over.


~Doorbell Rings~


"Rylee! Leah está a la puerta!"


"Bueno!" I ran downstairs and opened the door. We started studying then it turned into a long chat, then t=it turned into a sleepover. I texted Justin telling him I couldn't make it. Overall, today was a good day!




Mom: "Rylee! Honey, I'm going on a business trip for about two weeks, okay? Your father will be here and do not know how to reach you on the ground, to go easy on him right? Thank you, honey."


Rylee: "Okay Mom. And hey you too. "


Mom: "Oh honey, I'm sorry I was excited and had to tell you!"


Rylee: "Excited and why you'll be happy that we're doing? Mama, that's weird.


Mom: "What I meant was going on this trip would bring more money in girl. And more money means more to you and your siblings. Don't you  want an iPhone 5? Or was that big ass phone know your father would never pay for. Your dad is funny as hell!"


Rylee; "Mommy! Weird how you cuss a lot! You should not curse around me anyway. Poor example is a mother! Enough!"


Mom: "Oh, please, you act like you've never cussed before! As a matter of fact, let me hear you cuss right now. I give permission! Now!"


Rylee: "All right, I'm sick and tired of these stupid hoe bitch faces. That made ​​some real nerve to be talking shit about me and my family."


Mom: "Rylee! Leah is at the door!"


Rylee: Okay!


{A/N}: Hey guysh! I know a lot of spanish  but Rylee's mom is Puerto Rican! And Rylee speaks fluent spanish and english soo yeah. If you don't wanna read through the spanish I put translators in order. So yeah! Leave comments on what Rylee's nickname should be like Whitney's is 'Whit-Shit' so leave comments on what it should be. thanks my Little Swaggies. Mkay. Lova yah! Buh bye.




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