17 year old Rylee Summers, is the new girl at school. While she's getting to know her way around, she runs into Justin, the biggest player and jerk in school Justin Bieber. (I know its like other stories, but I will try to make it different!) *JUSTIN NOT FAMOUS* :)


15. Telling Him

I called Justin immediately and told him the news.



"Yeah, it me."

"Oh Rylee, hey whats up?"

"Uhm, I have something to tell you."


"What is it?"


"I'm pregnant with your baby and your the father!" There is no need for a DNA test cuz you were my first and will certantly my motherfuckin' last asshole!" I ended the call and sighed.




1 Year Later

I had the baby and she is a girl. Her name is Rayna Summers. She is beautiful with brown hair and her dead-beat father's eyes.

I dropped out of school and now am living in an apartment in Atlanta, Georgia. I have a job at a clothing store called Deb in the mall. I don't make much but its keep me and my baby alive.


I woke up and sat up in my bed. I streched and yawned and went to check on Rayna.

"Hey baby! Read for some bah bah?" I asked her even though she can't talk yet. She smiled and laughed as she banged her hands on her crib rails. Just then, the doorbell rang and I picked up Rayna and padded to the front door. I opened it up expecting it to be some fat kid selling chocolate.

"Look, I don't want any of your chocolate now piss off!" I said flinging my hand out of the door. I was about to slam it when a foot stopped me in the process. I shot my head and gasped almost dropping my little angel.


"What the fuck!"

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