17 year old Rylee Summers, is the new girl at school. While she's getting to know her way around, she runs into Justin, the biggest player and jerk in school Justin Bieber. (I know its like other stories, but I will try to make it different!) *JUSTIN NOT FAMOUS* :)


9. Talking It Out

I ran after Justin as he went outside slamming the door in my face. I huffed and rolled my eyes and zi quickly followed him out of the door. I ran up to his car yanking the door open adn hoping in before he drove off. I closed my eyes, catching my breath.


"Where the hell are we going?" I asked Justin as I touched his shoulder. He jerked his shoulder away hurting my hand.

"Just leave me the fuck alone arlight?" he said as he clentched his jaw. I was not giving up on the first try. C'mon Rylle, you're strong!

"We can talk about it. I know what its like to be betrayed okay? So you can talk to me?" I said as I looked at him honestly meaning what I said.  We had already been to hours into the drive and I was getting tired, so I rested my head on the window and closed my eyes, falling into a slumbourous sleep.




"If you're gonna come out with me then wake up" Justin said shaking me awake. I jolted awake and got out of the car. I looked around and noticed we were in the woods. I frowned and followed Justin as he walked deeper into it.

"Why are you following me?" he all of a sudden asked as he stopped making me bump into him.


"Because, I thought maybe we could talk it out." I said looking into his eyes.


"We don't play the game we we're not seen by anybody, so therefore, we are not playing the game. Call a cab and get the fuck away from me bitch." He spat at me as he spun around and walked away. 'Bitch'? Hell to the fucking damn shit no!


"What the fuck did you just call me? Uhm, excuse me I don't appreciate being called that so uhm don't call me that thanks, asshole." Justin came up closer to me and narowed his eyes.


"Well I don't appreciate being called asshole so please don't call me that uhm thanks," i rolled my eyes at him


"Shouldn;t you be used to it?"


"Shouldn't you be used to bitch since what happened on Friday? Huh. bitch?" He said eviliy laughing at me. My eyes watered as I stood awestruck. Did he really bring that up?


"D-don't talk about that. I-i didn't choose to be fucking raped okay?" I cried as i wiped my tears as another ste came and started flowing. Justin turned around and noticed I was crying and he camed towards me trying to hug me.


No! No! No! No! No! Nooooo!!" I cried as I punched his chest in anger and sadness. He grabbed my forearms and pulled me closer to him.


"I am an asshole okay? I accept the name. but I;m so sorry for saying that I take it back times infinity." I cried into his shirt. Why were things getting so complicated? I hugged him tighter as i cried even more. Justin tilted my head up and smashed his lips into mine. His hands on my waist sliding down to my ass. I kissed him back, and he begged for entrance which I instantly gave him. We made out for what seemed like hours. His hands now under my shirt, his shirt somewhere on the ground. My shirt now being pulled over my head and tossed next to his shirt. We moved to the hood of his car, still molded together. My capris being un-buttoned as he moved down my jawline, my pants being thrown somewhere and me just in my underwear and bra. I was lifted up,  my legs wrapping around his waist as we made out. Justin opening the back-door to his car and us climbing in slamming the door, still making out, Never coming up for air until, the rubber being slipped on Jerry. The rest is love.......


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