17 year old Rylee Summers, is the new girl at school. While she's getting to know her way around, she runs into Justin, the biggest player and jerk in school Justin Bieber. (I know its like other stories, but I will try to make it different!) *JUSTIN NOT FAMOUS* :)


6. How?

"I know about you and Justin's game bitch." Mandii said in her snotty voice. I all of a sudden didn't feel drunk anymore, I was back to my senses. 

"What the hell? Who told you?" I asked as my eyes bulged. She smirked and seemed pleased with herself. 

"I overheard you and Justin talking and I you talked about your little game. I think its actually pretty clever. Who came up with it? Certainly not you." She scoffed flipping her hair and snapping her gum. 

"Leave me alone and keep your mouth shut." I said walking away not long before she grabbed me. I spun around, my hair flying out behind me. 

"Ha! You think I would actually keep my mouth shut. I would rather you ask me to do something far worse. I am gonna go tell Justin now and everyone else." She said walking back towards the party. I ran after her grabbing her, dragging her back. 


"Listen, don't. What do I have to do for you to keep your mouth shut?" I asked pulling up my dress. 


"Simple. Leave me and Justin the fuck alone bitch. Got it? Good." I pushed pass her and went to find Justin. I grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him upstairs. 


"What is it?" He asked. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. He sat down on the bed and I sat down next to him. 


"Mandii says she knows about our game and she has threatened to tell everyone if I don't end the game." I blurted out pacing back and forth. I bent down taking off my heels and sat down next to him. He ran his hands through his hair and closed his eyes. 


"What do we do then? Do we end it?" he asked standing up leaning against the door frame. I sighed and fiddled with my hands. 


"I don't know. The game has just started and no one is losing yet. I don't think." I said trailing off. Justin frowned and scoffed. 


"I don't think I'm falling in love with you. Its probably the other way around." I laughed and rolled my eyes, Justin left and I stayed behind. Am I falling in love with him? Just then, someone came in and locked the door. After that, they told me to lay down and close my eyes. 

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