17 year old Rylee Summers, is the new girl at school. While she's getting to know her way around, she runs into Justin, the biggest player and jerk in school Justin Bieber. (I know its like other stories, but I will try to make it different!) *JUSTIN NOT FAMOUS* :)


1. Who are you?

I woke up to the sound of my mom shouting my name from the front of my bed.

'Rylee! Miel! Es hora de levantarse para ir a su primer día de escuela! ¡Vamos! Levántate amada! Tu padre y yo estamos haciendo el desayuno. Es su favorito, panqueques y tocino!' She said yanking back the covers. I groaned and sat up reluctantly. i gave her a weak smile and stretched and yawned. My mom was Puerto Rican and my dad was British. I'm 17 years old and I just moved o L.A from Florida. I have 3 siblings. Renee' who was 14, Rico who was 11, and Rayn, who was my 8 year old sister. I wouldn't say we were filthy rich, but I wouldn't say we weren't a little bit of rich either. I got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom, that was attached to my room. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I stepped into the shower and washed my hair and body. After the shower, I put on some light blue skinny jeans, with a Marilyn Monroe shirt tha hung off my shoulder. I put my black vans on my feet and shoved my Iphone 4 in my back pocket. I walked back into my bathroom and scrunched my hair and lef my bang straight. The only thing I didn't curl out of my brown hair. I walked downstairs and sat down at the bar on the bar stool.


'Hey dad.' I said popping a piece of bacon in my mouth.

'Hey Goober.' he said in his strong british accent. After a short breakfast, I grabbed my backpack and walked out of the door to my black 2012 Corolla. I drove to what would be my new school and sat in the car in the parking lot doing my make-up. When it was time to go in, I stepped out of the car and walked up into the building. As soon as I walked in I was immediatly attacked by whispers, stares, and whistles. I rolled my eyes and made my way to the counseling office.

'Hi. I Rylee Summers and I'm new here, can I have my scheduale?' I asked the receptionist politley smiling. She nodded and handed me my scheduale. Then she directed me to an overly excited blonde girl.

'Hi! I'm Bethany! I'll be your tourist today! So follow me righ this way!' She said way to loudly and happily. I gave her a fake smile and when she turned her back to me, I rolled my eyes. Once we got into the hallway, Bethany talked the whole time and I payed no attention to her. Instead, I was staring at who seemed to be the player of the school. His brown hair was a quiff and his brown-caramel-hazel eyes were beautiful. I ventured away from Bethany and over to my first class, Chemistry. I was looking down at my scheduale and bumped into someone.

'Asshole, watch wear your going!' I said and shot my head up to notice it was who I assumed the player to be. He scoffed and reached down to help me. When I slapped his hand away he took his lip between his teeth.

'Fietsy aren't you. Most girls would fall in love at the sight of me. Why not you baby?' He asked as I stood mu brushing my pants and running a hand through my hair. I rolled my eyes and scoffed at him. He cocked his head to the side as he took in my features.

'You new here babe?' he asked me raising his eyebrows.

'Yeah, I am. Whats it to you?' I asked him rolling my eyes and taking a step closer to him as I pushed him against the nearest locker. There was a small crowd watching now.

'Whoa babe. Who are you? I'm Justin.' He said smiling and licking his lips. I let out a breath of annoyance and came even closer to his face. I smiled and flicked his ear.

'Now that one, you will have to figure it out yourself. Babe.' I stepped back and walked to Chemistry.

'Wait! What's your name?' he called after me. I just kept walking, simply giving him the finger and I turned the corner, leaving him shocked.


Translation: 'Rylee! Honey! It's time to get up for your first day of school! Come on! Get up sweetheart! Your father and I are making breakfast. Its your favorite, pancakes and bacon!'

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