A Perfect Valentine Disaster

After a break up and dropping of a idem, Liam Payne and Alisa Hernandez find out that love is funny on Valentines Day.


1. A Perfect Valentine Disaster


I couldn't see who it was I bumped into, my eyes were filled with tears, and my cheeks covered with tear stains. “I-I’m s-sorry, I’m sorry.” And I ran past that person that was still on the ground, I noticed I had dropped my phone and went back to grab it, but that person and the phone is gone. S-Shoot. First, breaking up with your boyfriend of 3 years before Valentine’s Day isn’t that best thing, Second Losing your phone to a stranger isn't all that great either. Why today? Why not a month from now?

The next morning I wake up to see someone left a message on my answering machine; I guess I missed it since I passed out last night from crying a lot. As I pressed play I heard a soft but deep husky voice, “Hi... Um... My name is Liam. And I was walking home last night and I sort of bumped into you and your phone dropped and I saw where your home phone number is in your phone. So I decided to call to get you address so I can bring it back. If that is ok. Um… Bye.” I stood there shocked and I was worried about giving this stranger my address, I completely looked like a disaster, wearing sweats and a baggy jacket. My hair up in a messy bun with no makeup on, I sigh and I went upstairs to first find an outfit, as I searched and searched for the perfect outfit for a stranger. I found a batman shirt with black skinny jeans, of course is matching my awesome vans. As I grabbed my home phone and redialed the strangers number I heard the soft but husky voice pick up, “Hello?” I stay quiet for a second but finally spoke up, “Sorry, I’m Alisa and you have my phone. Can I give you my address so you can bring it to me?” I didn’t hear anything but a ruffling of the phone in the background, “Yea sure.” As I gave him my address it got awkward because … we are strangers of course it’s going to be awakrd. “Well… See you soon. I guess.” I heard him say something mumbling and he hung up. I sat down on the couch and as I watched one of my favorite movies, I slowly fell asleep.

Knock, Knock.  I heard it get louder and louder, I finally awoke and saw the movie was over and tons of knocking at the door. I completely forgot Liam was bringing my phone back! As I checked in the mirror, my hair was a mess and I just put it in a ponytail, I turn the handle to open the door to a tall, muscle looking dude with a set of beautiful eyes. He was wearing a tan jacket over a gray t-shirt, his shoes were white and also vans. “Hi, I’m Liam. I came to bring your phone back.” I slowly came back into realization he was standing there, “O-Oh right, Come in if you like.” He nodded his head as he walked in, “Aren’t you supposed to be with a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day?” I skipped his question and asked him quickly, “Would you like a cup of coffee or Tea?” he looked up confused but answered without hesitation in his voice, “Tea.” I ran to the kitchen and started boiling water for the tea, As I turned around to grab some cups he was standing there with his arms crossed over his chest, “Was that why you were crying when you bumped into my? You broke up with your boyfriend?” I looked away, crossing my arms not wanting to talk about last night’s events, the cheating, the losing, the heartbreak. It was too much for me. As tears formed, I wiped them away quickly and turning back to the tea, as I poured the tea he put his hand on my shoulder and said, “You know, that dude didn’t know how smart, beautiful and crazy awesome you are.” I smiled little and turned to look at him, his smile lite up this whole room and my heart flutter at the thought. “Thanks.” He simply nodded his hand and I blushed little as a thought of him liking me and us dating. Wait… What am I saying...? He is a stranger I barely know him. But it feels like he is my best friend already. I saw as he got closer and my heart stopped, what was happening, is this, no, he doesn’t like me do he. His forehead touched mine as his eyes closed and his mouth forming words saying, “That old boyfriend of yours doesn’t even know the word love. You, from my perspective, are a great girl whose heart should be loved by a man who will treat you right.” Tears were coming from my eyes and his right hand come up and wiped them away; as his hand brushed against my cheek I leant into his hand. Finally, as our heads moved towards each other, his lips hovered mine like a ghost, acting like nothing was there, till they were pressed against mine. My breathing hitch and I relaxed into the kiss, after last night’s event I couldn’t even think of dating again, but after this kiss, I couldn’t even remember last night... except meeting Liam. As we broke away I spoke up saying, “This day has just turned pretty damn well.” His deep chuckle made me giggle and he leaned in again, kissing my cheek and saying, “Does that mean you will keep me around?” I nodded and biting my lip, kissed his nose. This Valentine’s Day turned into a pretty good disaster.

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