Together Forever and Always

Emma is a hurt girl that has been beat. and her mother was put in jail for beating her sister to death but it was her dad that did it. he is james and her mom is kate.


1. The Begining

Emma's P.O.V

"STOP!!!!! LET ME GO!!!!!" I scream as he beats me. I try to make him stop but he is he is relentless. "Pleeeeaaaasssseeee James stop!!" I'm crying so hard. I think he might kill me now. But some how I manage to brake free and run. I ran until I got to the park 8 1/2 miles away from my house. It's been raining for almost an hour now. Im soaked and tired. So I fell asleep on the park bench for the night. I shivered and cried myself to sleep. As soon as I woke up I started walking because I hurt my ankle I couldnt run any further but I limped for a half an hour before someone finally saw me and helped me. But before I could see who it was I blacked out.

"Uhhh.....whats going on?" I groned.

"Hi, I'm Anne." The ladie said.

"Hi Anne... Im Emma." I respond, "So your the person that helped me?"

"No, that was my son Harry."

Then she looked up the stairs.

"HARRY!!! She's awake." she yelled

"Oh good." He said comming down stairs, eating fro yo.

"What's your name." He asked me.

"Im Emma... You must be Harry." I say.

"Your not suprized?"

"Why would I be????"

"You dont know who I am do you????"

"Ive seen you on posters other wise no."

He looked shoked.

"Im sorry." I say.

"No. Don't be." He responded.

"Harry why don't you take her up to her room." Anne said.

"Alright mum.

"Come with me." Harry gestered towards the stairs.

"Okay." I answer.

When I tried to get up, I couldn't. I tried over and over it just was too painful.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"I don't really know." I responded. "It's my ankle, I think."

"Harry, take her to the doctor." Anne suggested.

" No,no. I'm fine, really." I lied.

"You must. You can't even stand. Anne persuaded

"I'll take you. Don't worry." Harry said.

"Ohh...Oh..Okay." I studdered.

The next thing I know I was at the doctors.




















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