You've changed my life baby

Amelia also know as Melisa by all her friends is a normal girl who loves Valentines Day! Two friends share a secret about them! Her wonderful boyfriend Louis takes them both on a romantic evening... Later on an accident happens!

This is my entry for the valentine's day 1shot41D competition (if you don't like one direction then you probably shouldn't read it but it's your choice)!!! Please comment,like,Favourite! : )


5. The Time???


Chloe P.O.V

I'm so nervous but it's time just go for it, it's now or Never Chloe! I swiveled my body around to Harry to gain his full attention which made him swivel round the same as me. I stopped the conversation so I could say it and get over with it!


"Harry, I have to tell you something..."


"Chloe, I have to tell you something as well..." He seemed to be worried about something


"Well Harry the thing is... wait can you please tell me first?" I hoped he would agree because its would be embarrassing if it was something like he doesn't want to be friends with me anymore. No Chloe! I'm just overreacting 


"Chloe I..I really like you, I have ever since I first laid eyes on you." WAIT WHAT he-he likes me the same way.Tears were forming and falling down my face


"I really like you too and I have ever since I met you"


Harry P.O.V

I wiped the tears from her face looked into her eyes deeply and knew it was the time, I lean't in and placed my soft lips on hers. She was shocked but then joined in afterwards. I felt her smile against the kiss which made me smile that just seemed to make her smile even wider. 


Louis P.O.V

We just walked out of the shop and stopped in our tracks to find Harry and Chloe kissing. I whispered quietly making sure not to ruin their moment.


"I think our plan worked better than we thought"


"Yep but its cute" we stood their for few more seconds before they broke away. Chloe then blushed noticing we had been there the whole time, Harry then looked over his shoulder with a confused emotion which then turned into a embarrassed face. I swear they were both as red as a tomato.



Chloe P.O.V

This is amazing. Harry pulled a white rose out as he turned back around to face me.


"Will you be my girlfriend Chloe?"


"Yes proudly" Harry then reached for my wrist, he fiddled with the bracelet and turned it the opposite way saying 'Taken'. He smiled widely showing his dimples off, I melt every time he shows of his dimples.


"How did you know?" I said with a little smile looking at the white rose.


"Louis told me" he spoke worryingly


"Amelia told me" added Louis


"Yep, it was me but you two didn't know something that we knew, we both knew you liked each other lots!"


My mouth dropped at I stared at Amelia, "did you know this?"


"No, I didn't even know if you liked me at tall" Harry then ran towards Louis and Amelia, I guess he was running after Amelia because Louis swerved out of the way. Harry eventually catched up with her, he would of caught earlier but she took her heels off when Harry had stood up, he swung her over his shoulder than brought her to the bench.


"I would have caught you earlier for you not being a athlete that could compete in the Olympics."


Harry told me to not let her move, he then went and catched Louis but this time, we got Amelia to stand up as Louis sat down leaving Amelia to sit on Louis. Harry towered over them giving them serious eyes.


"Any other secrets we dont know about?" Amelia then shook her head furiously indicating 'no' as Louis shouted "No but I love carrots!" His smile was the widest it could ever be. Amelia turned around to hide herself in Louis's chest as she held him tight but then indicating that she was falling asleep.


I poked Louis saying his name quietly pointing towards Amelia. He nodded then explained to me.


"She does this every time she sits on my lap with her head nuzzles into my chest." We all laughed quietly trying not to wake her but she was starting to move.


"Come on princess lets take you home, we don't want you to fall asleep completely." He lifted Amelia off then told her to climb onto his back. Minutes later we were walking to the car park with Amelia passed out on Louis"



Louis giving Amelia a piggy back because she's tired, so sweet <3

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