You've changed my life baby

Amelia also know as Melisa by all her friends is a normal girl who loves Valentines Day! Two friends share a secret about them! Her wonderful boyfriend Louis takes them both on a romantic evening... Later on an accident happens!

This is my entry for the valentine's day 1shot41D competition (if you don't like one direction then you probably shouldn't read it but it's your choice)!!! Please comment,like,Favourite! : )


4. Planning ;)

"I want to make a plan later so I have a chance for when i'm alone with Harry, I could tell him I love him!" Chloe blurted out, luckily Louis and Harry couldn't hear they were way ahead of us!


"Well, how about me and Louis go into a shop and leave you too outside the doors so you can talk to him?"


"I like your thinking! So then I can tell you too then" I nodded showing her I agree.




"Amelia, I like it SO MUCH more now" I smiled we both grabbed two bracelets saying ' Single ' on one of them and other other ' taken ' they were thin little beaded bracelets. You could flip them over so hopefully Chloe as wearing the bracelet side that says 'single' will soon be turned over to say 'taken'.


We also spotted a necklace with a owl on and another with a butterfly on, I chose the owl as I LOVE owls and Chloe LOVES butterflies so she picked that one. We came out with the necklaces on and our bracelets on mine said Taken, Chloe's said Single.


I walked up to Louis as he put his arm around my waist so I put my arm around his waist, as we walked to McDonald's I got hungrier and hungrier but finally we arrived.


Harry and Chloe went and chose a seat while me and Louis ordered I started explaining the plan Chloe told me but I also told him a extra idea that we should buy a fake white rose (Chloe loves white roses) and then we could give it to Harry to give to Chloe when he tells her he likes her. He shook his head in agreement and we gave each other a hug as we waited for the line to move! Love is wonderful!




 ~7 minutes later~


We sat down with the food and started straight away. After finishing it all we got up and headed to a valentines Day themed shop and we all headed in grabbed a rose for 20p. Louis secretly gave it Harry as we walked passed him which he then hid in his jacket.


We arrived at another themed shop so Louis told Harry to just wait outside and sit on the bench just outside the shop, I told Chloe to do the same and we entered hoping this would be the time that our plan would finally fall in place!


Oh so the plan is coming along nicely ;)

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