You've changed my life baby

Amelia also know as Melisa by all her friends is a normal girl who loves Valentines Day! Two friends share a secret about them! Her wonderful boyfriend Louis takes them both on a romantic evening... Later on an accident happens!

This is my entry for the valentine's day 1shot41D competition (if you don't like one direction then you probably shouldn't read it but it's your choice)!!! Please comment,like,Favourite! : )


7. Hospitals!

Play this during the chapter?



Louis P.O.V

Amelia was lying soundly asleep on a hospital bed, her head laid softly against the pillow while her chest rose slowly. She's been here since the accident which has damaged her body badly. Amelia is here still in a coma, I blame myself for this. I could be the one lying on that bed asleep! All those stitches and bruises, I could have them on my skin! (Just noticed that they rhyme aha. Sorry I ruined the mood ; just carry on with the storyWhy didn't I stop her quicker enough? Why aren't I the one who got him bit the car? Why?!


Harry was holding onto Chloe tightly while they both snored lightly, her mum and little sister were fast asleep as well while I was right here by her side watching her closely with hope that she'll just move a little any second, day, week, month? That's what frightened me most, she could be asleep for months. Tears were forming in my eyes while my heart was being crushed everyday day when I would be there with her.  It's been two months and she hasn't even woke up for second, I reached out for her hand while tears fell gently down my cheeks, I gave it a light squeeze before resting my head and drifting off asleep.


Amelia P.O.V

I fluttered my eyes open as I looked around the room, I could feel something holding my hand, l looked down to my left to see it was Louis, his face was drenched from tears, I looked back up to the room to see my Mum, little sister, Harry and Chloe asleep as well. I was hooked up to a machine called a heart monitor, I hate those they scare me to death! This means i'm in the hospital, I've always been disgusted of these. I shook Louis's shoulder until he woke up as he lifted his head up we stared into each others eyes deeply, my eyes must of shown happiness but his seemed to show of fear and .... sadness? A few seconds later his eyes started tearing up again his forced smile started to fade slowly.


Louis P.O.V

I felt someones hand on my shoulder, I lifted my head to be faced with Chloe's beaming smile and bright eyes full of happiness but you could tell that they weren't as light and glistening as usual.


She's awake but that means NO! NO this can't happen! I WON't let it! I could feel the tears forming in my eyes once again, I tried blinking them back but they just trickled down my cheeks.


"Louis whats wrong? I'm awake!" Amelia said gently smiling but a pure confusion in her voice.


"Um...uh um...I think I should tell you when the others wake up, do you want me to do that now?" I glanced back then faced her again, she nodded unsurely. I pushed my chair back and  over to Chloe and Harry, I shook them awake they woke up quickly I then went over to her mum and sister they were easy to wake up. I summoned Harry and Chloe to come towards me, Amelia's mum and sister. Once they came over I whispered quietly so she wouldn't be able to hear.


"We have to tell her now!" They all nodded as Harry walked over to the door to call a doctor in to the room, seconds later Dr.Mists glided through the open the door towards Amelia's bed he then began to spoke to her.


"How are you feeling Miss. Rush?" 


"I'm ok, I have a slight pain at the top of my ribs and thirsty" He jotted down notes as she spoke.


"Okay thank you could one of you run and get her a cup of water?" Her mum jumped up straight away then heading out the door. "Miss. Rush i'm afraid we have some bad news" 


A instant flash of fear flashed across her face. Her mum came back and handed her the drink as she lifted the cup up to her lips her hands shook uncontrollably, I didn't understand if she was scared or what she would of shook that much. but her mum did so her mum held the cup with her other hand she stroked Amelia's arm. The doctor then turned to us swiftly and spoke gently.


"Would you like me to tell her or you" I pointed to him as I bit my lip to hold back the tears and sobs. The doctor turn turned back to Amelia and spoke softly.


"I'm truly sorry but you only have a few more minutes until your body can't handle it any longer, if you just say goodbye to your love ones, we will be waiting outside," and with that he turned around to wait outside with 3 nurses. Amelia was speechless as tears fell down her face, she let out the sobs so we all ran over to her and engulfed her into a hug. I had tight not in my stomach making me feel sick. 


"B-b-but I dont want to leave" tears ran uncontrollably, she was shaking sobbing. I pulled into her a hug and held her tight I then whispered to ear holding her hand to my chest.


"I know you don't but I love you, i'm sorry I didn't say it before but I love you with all my life" 


"I love you too so much, i'm scared I will fight I will not let go I cant leave" I pulled back gently and kissed her gently it was salty from the tears that had fallen from our eyes.


"I wish you could stay but the doctor said that your body can't stay strong for much longer, you will forever be here," a small smile tugged at her lips.


We all said our goodbyes while explaining that we will see her soon as well as how much we love her. You could tell she was gradually becoming weak as her hugs weren't as gripped and her words were fragile and cracking. She laid her head back and held her side of her chest as she took a sharp breath in. It's horrible seeing her in pain but I guess soon she will be in peace.


She glanced over to each of us, leaving me last, her glossy eyes stared intensely into my icy blue mine. Her eyes faded from a light blue to a dark blue as she held her side again showing she was in pain. I was holding onto her hand softly as her mum and sister were on my left while Harry and Chloe stood on my right leaning into each other.Her eyes grew heavy she quivered her lips as she began to speak.


"I will miss you." That broke me I couldn't bear it any longer, I got up from my chair and climbed into her bed beside her, we laid on our stairs looking at each other in peace as the rest sobbed. But us, we were silent as tears rolled onto the pillow.


"I will miss you more than you can ever imagine and I will be lying here when you take your final breath beside you" she smiled faintly.


I guess it was becoming more of a struggle because was taking little breaths,I stroked her cheeks as she began to calm down. She placed her fragile hand onto of mine as she slowly closed her eyes.


"I love you Amelia."


"I love you too Louis," she murmured. Amelia's breathing was slow so I leaned forward placing my lips onto hers wishing that it was all a dream but it wasn't; this was a true harsh life we're living in.


My lips were still set on hers, I wouldn't let go until she had passed. I guess I spoke to soon because when I had finished the sound of something I never wanted to experience; the beep. I carefully leaned back to examine her face: Pale face, white lips, except this time she wasn't breathing. A tear rolled down her cheek slowly.


"You've changed my life baby"


-To be continued-


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