You've changed my life baby

Amelia also know as Melisa by all her friends is a normal girl who loves Valentines Day! Two friends share a secret about them! Her wonderful boyfriend Louis takes them both on a romantic evening... Later on an accident happens!

This is my entry for the valentine's day 1shot41D competition (if you don't like one direction then you probably shouldn't read it but it's your choice)!!! Please comment,like,Favourite! : )


3. Excitment! :D

We walked down the stairs, hands interlocked, he opened the door letting me out first. Suddenly, bright flashing lights had came from nowhere, it was the paparazzi again! We ran through all the photographers and screaming fans making our way towards his car.


Louis P.O.V

She's looks so gorgeous, as always! We were on the way to the mall, which usually took about 45 minutes to get there but it meant we could meet up with Harry and Chloe then hangout. 


Once we had parked and walked through the doors, we spotted them both chatting away with their little imaginations.


Harry P.O.V

I love Chloe, she's so beautiful the way the sunlight glistens onto her wonderful dark blue eyes, I wish she liked me back. I'm thinking about telling her how I feel, later. I just hope she won't be horrified because the true thing is I've had a thing for her since the start when I saw her sitting over with Amelia. Chloe was laughing and smiling, looking breathtaking in her purple and white dress which stopped above her knee. She gives me joy and courage everytime I see her thats why she's so special in my life!


Chloe P.O.V

I love Harry, he's so handsome the way the sunlight glistens onto his lovely dark Green eyes, I wish he liked me back. I'm thinking of telling him how I feel, later. I just hope it won't ruin our friendship because ever since I met him probably in Starbucks I fell for him a little that day and ever since it's been growing. He gives me happiness and courage every time I see him thats why he's so special in my life! 


Amelia P.O.V

Louis's looking charming as always, I'm so lucky I ever got to meet Louis. He said I could tell Chloe what about earlier so when I saw her and Harry chatting, I ran over to her my heels clicking along the way, ooo Chloe's wearing heels too, stay focused! But I was away with the fairies for too long because before I knew it I had face planted the floor next thing I hear are 6 pairs of feet running towards me. 


"O.M.G Amelia are you ok??" she was laughing as I stood up I had my head down dusting my self off.


"Yeah, yeah I'm fine" I lifted my head to see gasps escaping their mouths, eyes staring at my chin. I suddenly became very self conscious


"What, what is it?" I reached too touch my chin but Chloe's hand pushed it away, she took me my wrist and dragged me to the bathroom. I was pushed up to the mirror as I looked at my chin a gasp escaped my lips. 


My chin's was all bloody where I guess it scuffed. I had a big blue and purple bruise forming as the side of my chin was swollen slightly. I huffed while walking to the paper towels, I then wet it and gently dabbed my chin as pain throbbed through my jaw line. Once I was all cleaned up Chloe did my makeup under my chin, when she was done you could barely see it.


We walked out the bathroom and as we reached the two boys the mouths dropped, then Harry spoke up.

"Who did the makeup I can't see it?" Harry had stood up now and gently moved my head round to see if he could spot any bruises but nothing. 

"Me!" Chirped Chloe as she raised her hand.


I guess Chloe's has a talent with makeup...will you remember that?? 

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