I would

This is a Louis Tomlinson fan fiction i am writing. I do not own any celebrity. This story is rated R!


2. What was she trying to be, the damn sun?

It was finally 3 and Patrick met me outside of my last class.

“Ready for summer vacation babe?” Patrick said picking me up and kissing me.

“Spending a summer with you who wouldn’t be ready for that?” I laughed as he put me down and we walked hand in hand back to my dorm so I could pack.

“Your roommate won’t be here will she?” Patrick looked at me with wide eyes.

“No she doesn’t get done until about 5 we will be long gone trust me babe.” I laughed as I swiped my card to enter my dorm.

Patrick walked inside and looked at the sides of the room, knowing how neat I was he looked at me.

“Let me guess your this side?” Patrick laughed as he pointed the side where her covers where all balled up and her pillows on the floor.

“Your so funny babe.” I stuck my tongue out throwing my suitcase on my bed and opening my dresser.

“I know babe I know.” Patrick said falling onto my bed as if he were going to fall asleep.

“Long day huh babe?” I asked throwing some pants and shirts into my huge suitcase that was big enough for a horse.

“Really long I just can’t wait to cuddle with you tonight and fall asleep with you next to me.” Patrick sat up and grabbed me into a kiss.

I pulled away, “How do you expect me to pack when your distracting me?”

“Oh I don’t know.” He giggled and helped me grab a few bathing suits and I threw my undergarments in my suitcase.

I went to the bathroom grabbed my deodorant, toothbrush and paste my towel and make-up and shampoo and conditioner and threw it in my bag as well.

“Do you not think we have this stuff?” Patrick asked holding up my shampoo.

“I’m sure you do smart ass but I like my own stuff.” I commented putting some flip-flops and shoes in my bag, and a few dresses.

“Ok babe as much as id like you to your not moving in so can we go?” Patrick asked almost begging.

“One more thing and we can go I promise.” I walked to my night stand and grabbed my locket that I had gotten from my grandmother and put it around my neck.

“Your grandmothers locket how could I forget.” Patrick said zipping my luggage case.

“Now I’m ready.” I smiled as he kissed me and we walked out of the dorm and off to Patrick’s car


Hallee’s point of view

I was staring at the clock taping my fingers on the desk waiting for this damn teacher to stop talking so I could get packed and get going. 4:30 and finally he shut up so I could run back to my dorm and pack my stuff. I slide my key in my door and opened it like there would be a fire, I grabbed my bag Heather let me borrow and threw in a couple pairs of jeans some tops, a pair of sandals, some underwear, bras and a bathing suit, not caring my bed was still a mess I left it shut the lights off and walked out to go meet Heather in the parking lot.

A few moments later my phone buzzed reading:

Text from: Heather

  Hey cousin I am here where are you?  

I hit reply and began typing back

On my way five minutes I swear.

A minute later my phone buzzed again.

Text from: Heather

Hurry trying to beat Patrick back home hope your dressed and ready to meet this girl.

I looked at what I was wearing and thought to myself(who cares it’s a girl that has nothing to do with me). I finally reached Heather’s car and opened the door as she looked at me.

“What the hell are you wearing Halle?” She looked at me like I was crazy.

“I’m comfortable what the fuck are you wearing?” I took a glance at Heather in a dress about knee length that was baby blue and spaghetti strapped with a pair of heels.

“Like I got ready for the day not like I just got out of bed.” Heather laughed and I groaned as she drove off to the house where all I wanted to do was sleep.

Sam’s point of view.

We made it to the house about an hour later and pulled into this huge long driveway that even my house didn’t have.

“Good nobody’s home.” Patrick winked at me as I smiled.

“Why is that good?” I laughed.

“Well that gives us a little make-out time.” Patrick said leaning in for a kiss,

“Oh, no that gives me time to change into nice clothes.” I put my finger up to his mouth stopping his kiss.

“Only if I can watch.” Patrick always joked like that it was never anything serious.

We got out of the car and Patrick unlocked the door, we walked into a huge house that had a two way staircase one side lead to one part and the other side another part. The stairs were like in a heart shape and around one side was the kitchen, to the other side was a living room and in another room there was an office most likely his dads. The house was bigger than I expected it to be I had no clue how they found their ways in it. Patrick led me up the right staircase and into a long hallway where he pointed out who’s rooms where who and where the bathroom was. Reaching the end of the hall Patrick told me it was his room, he opened the door to a room that was big enough for three.

“Wow Pat your house is amazing.” I looked around in circles.

“Nothing special I promise.” he put my bag at the bottom of his bed and took my hand.

“I need to change.” I smiled at him leaning to pick up my bag so I could put on one of my dresses.

“I love you Samantha.” Patrick had never told me he loved me it was the first time and seeing as I had never said it either I didn’t know what to say.

“I um love you as well.” I continued to pick up my bag.

“I’m sorry babe.” Patrick said wrapping his hands around my waist and putting his chin on my shoulder.

“For what? You did nothing wrong.” I replied unzipping my case and searching for my short yellow sundress that was strapless.

“I just I wanted to see how that felt and it felt right to me because I really do love you.” Patrick sounded like he was pouting now.

I sighed, “I know Patrick and I love you to, but you know how I feel about it.”

“You think guys use it for sex, but Sammy I promise I love you for you your amazing.” Patrick hugged me tighter squeezing the breath out of me.

“Ok Patrick.” I tried to breath.

“Sorry babe didn’t mean to squeeze you.” He let go and sat on the edge of his bed and fell backwards.

“While your resting I’m going to change.” I looked at him walking into the bathroom connected to his bedroom and closing the door.

I walked in and stripped off my other clothes and slipped on my yellow dress I fixed my hair a little making sure every curl was in place and bouncy enough for me to bear. I picked up my dirty clothes and folded them and put them in my suitcase,

“Wow babe you look amazing, like the sun blinding me with beauty.” Patrick looked at me wide eyed.

“Patrick.” I blushed turning my head.

“Its true.” Patrick kissed me softly this time not like any of his kisses had been today it was more passionate and it felt like I was on cloud 9 I never wanted this to end.

Hallee’s point of view

“Damn it.” Heather screamed pulling into the driveway behind another car.

“What?” I looked at her like someone had just died.

“Patrick got here first.” I laughed at Heather as if she really wanted to make a good impression on this girl.

“What is wrong with you she ain’t your girlfriend.” Heather looked at me with her evil look and I knew to shut up.

We walked in the house and I didn’t see Patrick nor his doll anywhere so I knew Heather would be calm for a while. We went up the stairs to Heather’s room where she threw a pair of skinnies at me and a blue top that had open shoulders and was plain.

“What the hell?” I looked at her as if she were crazy.

“Please Hallee just put these on the chef is preparing dinner and if we don’t look presentable Mom is going to kill us please.” She was practically begging me.

“Fine.” I said stripping my clothes off and changing into what Heather had thrown at me.

“Thanks.” Heather replied scrambling to fix any hair that was out of place and pinning it back in to her side swept curled hair.

We walked down the stairs and met up with Aunt Caroline and Arnie.

“Arnie my man what’s up?” I asked holding out my fist like I always did.

“Hello Hallee.” Arnie said pounding my fist and smiling.

“What’s up my terminator?” I laughed.

“Hallee stop.” Caroline looked at me with a serious face.

“What did I do?” I asked looking at her like she was stupid.

“We have a guest and I need you to make a good impression please.” Caroline looked at me with begging eyes.

“Fine, I don’t know why though Patrick probably already scared her away with his Richie rich act.” I said as we started walking towards the dinning room.

“Hallee!.” Caroline scorned me and I rolled my eyes but shut up not wanting to make her mad.

We walked into the dinning room where the table had been set for a perfect dinner Arnie sat at one end of the table and Caroline sat at the other end and Heather and I sat on one side next to each other it was like a perfect family waiting on the perfect couple to make their entrance.

Sam’s point of view

“Pat I’m getting nervous.” I paced the room cracking my fingers at the same time.

“Sammy stop its ok they will love you I swear.” Pat grabbed my hand and gave me a kiss on the forehead as we walked out of his room, down the long hallway and down the stairs as he led me to the dinning room. I was just thinking of how it would go in my head how nice I would be and I would smile and introduce myself.

“Ready baby?” Pat kissed me one more time as we walked into the dinning room.

We stopped at one side of the table where an older looking women was sitting, she had long black hair that wasn’t thick but not to thin either, she had beautiful blue eyes and a slight smile that didn’t seemed to thrilled at the moment.

“Caroline this is Sammy, Sammy this is my step-mother Caroline.” Pat held at his hand introducing us.

“Nice to meet you.” I smiled shaking her hand as an older gentleman walked to the same end we had been sitting at.

“Hello I’m Arnold Pat’s dad.” He held out his hand to shake mine and smiled at me.

“I think everyone knows who you are sir, nice to meet you.” I chuckled and shook his hand as he nodded and went back to his seat at the other end.

We walked to the other side where a girl had been sitting next to an empty seat she also had dark hair swept to the side in curls, though she wasn’t tan she had a flawless complexion that any girl wished they had, she looked like something from a magazine I smiled at her as she stood up.

“Hello I’m Heather.” She smiled as she held out her hand.

“Nice to meet you I’m Samantha.” I smiled back as Patrick looked into the empty seat and looked at Heather with a confused face.

“My cousin is in the bathroom should be back any minute.” she took her seat and Pat and I walked to our sides and sat down as well.

Hallee’s point of view

Waiting for rich people was like waiting in a line to hell, I had to pee the first 15 minutes into waiting. I excused myself from the table and walked into the bathroom in the back, I figured it would be a while so I didn’t mind walking as slow as possible. After about 8 minutes I decided to go back to meet this hell of a girlfriend I didn’t have to scare off Pat would scare her off himself. Walking back I saw a girl who looked frankly familiar her brown curls half way down her back, the bright yellow dress that made her look like the entire room was on fire what was she trying to be the damn sun? I shook my head and just walked back to the table, but the face I saw was not one I was happy to see.

Sam’s point of view

“Here she comes.” Heather smiled as she sat up.

“Finally.” Pat groaned as if he didn’t really like her much.

I looked up from the table as I saw a familiar face that I was not hoping to see for another few months.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?” Hallee screamed across the table at me.

“HALLEE.!” Caroline screamed as if she knew what was going on as Heather’s mouth dropped.

“Me? I’m Patrick’s girlfriend What the hell are you doing here?” I got closer to Patrick.

“I’m family Bitch, I belong here and I should have figured Pat would date a whore like you.” Hallee laughed in my face.

“Hallee that’s enough!” Caroline yelled as Hallee ignored her

“You can’t talk to my girlfriend like that Dad?” Pat whined.

“Hallee calm down.” Heather grabbed her arm trying to get her to sit down.

“No, I’ll kill this bitch with my bare hands.” Hallee screamed as she knocked all the plates off the end side of the table.

“That’s enough!” Arnold screamed but nobody seemed to listen though his voice was deep and loud.

“Hallee what is your problem?” Caroline asked in fury.

“We are roommates in school.” I replied standing behind Patrick.

“This is the one who throws a shoe at you every morning?” Pat clenched his fist as if he was ready to punch a girl but I pulled his arms back as Hallee was being held back by Heather and Caroline.

“Girl’s I said it’s enough!” Arnold walked up to our end of the table and punched it with his fist.

“Just let me hit her one time and I’m done that’s it I swear one punch and she will be gone.” Hallee tried to fight through Arnold she was tough and to be honest I was scared.

“No!” Arnold boomed, “You need to calm down now little girl!”

“I just want to kill this bitch!” Hallee screamed louder as Arnold held her back.

“You couldn’t lay a finger on me.” I yelled back which seemed to make her madder.

“I said that’s enough and if it doesn’t stop know all of you will be knocked the fuck out!.” Arnold was serious now so Pat took me and we ran up the stairs so things could calm down in the dinning room where the girl who wanted to kill me still stood as if she were on fire.

Hallee’s point of view

I could feel my face turning red as we yelled back and fourth from one to another, I couldn’t stand this bitch in school now I would have to see her all summer. There was no way I could do it I might as well kill her now I thought. Even when Arnold tried to hold me back I tried to get to her I fought guys bigger then him in the parts of New York I had came from. After awhile the bitch got scared and ran upstairs with Patrick who most likely only wanted her for sex. I was so damn heated Heather took me outside and listened to me rant as Caroline and Arnold cleaned up my mess I was sure they were kicking me out, I mean my job at KFC wasn’t bringing in enough money for me to get a place and I just can’t help but speak my mind.

“Halle what was wrong with you back there.” Heather leaned against the house.

“I just can’t stand her and I was hoping I’d get away from her all summer now I have to see her all summer I just couldn’t control my mouth.” I sighed as I leaned against the house as well.

“Will you at least try not to kill her for the rest of the summer try to be peaceful firstly by apologizing ill go with you.” Heather looked at me she always tried to be the mediator she was really good at it.

“Fine but I don’t know how nice it will sound now and Patrick probably won’t let me near her.” I groaned and rolled my eyes.

“Hallee this isn’t the ghetto anymore you can’t just hate people to hate people you don’t have to kill people to protect yourself please just try for me I love you.” My cousin looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Fine, but when this is all said and done I will still hit her every morning with a shoe.” I smiled to myself.

Sam’s point of view

“Patrick I’m sorry I didn’t mean to ruin this.” I put my head down and began to cry as if I had lost a pet or something.

“Babe it’s not your fault u didn’t ruin anything it was that fucking cousin of Heather’s who shouldn’t have come here in the first place.” Patrick sat beside me on the bed and put his arm around me trying to comfort me.

I laid my head on his shoulder and sobbed for awhile.

“How about you get changed and I will put in a movie and we can just sit here and cuddle babe.” Patrick smiled at me as he ran his hand through my hair.

“That sounds amazing baby.” I said getting up and grabbing a pair of shorts and a tank top from my bag and walking to the bathroom. I pulled my messy curls up into a bun and put on a pair of soft feeling shorts and a tank top what I always wore to bed. I walked out to Patrick who was in nothing but his boxers which made me giggle a bit he motioned for me to come join him under the covers so I snuggled in and turned to face the television that was mounted on the wall.

“What movie are we going to watch Pat?” I whispered as I cuddled into him.

“I was thinking comedy or maybe romance something to keep your mind of someone trying to kill you.” He clenched his teeth together trying to hold back his anger.

I turned to face him, “We could just make-out for awhile?” I laughed as he leaned in to kiss me.

This kiss was more passionate than any of the kisses Pat had ever given me, it was long and meaningful like fireworks had just been set off in the night sky, in the middle of this kiss a knock came out the door ruining his mood as I giggled to get up since I at least had clothes on.

Hallee’s point of view

After talking to Heather a while we went inside and I could tell Arnie and Caroline were beyond pissed at me I walked over to them waiting to be scorned.

“Hallee, Hallee, Hallee… what are we going to do with you?” Caroline rubbed her head as if she had a headache.

“Well first we make her apologize then she has to be nice for the rest of the summer.” Arnie chimed in before I could say one word.

“I don’t like to apologize but I know I fucked up so I will apologize and try to stay civil I promise.” I put my head down trying not to look in their eyes.

“Fine, but Hallee one more screw up and we can’t keep you here, I can’t risk Heather nor Pat going to jail.” Caroline looked at Arnie as if he would agree.

I couldn’t go back to my old life and I knew that they all knew that and because of what I came from all the pressure was on me. I knew I was a screw up a lot but I couldn’t, I wouldn’t screw this up. I grabbed Heather and we walked upstairs towards the dungeon known as Pat’s room I could only imagine his face when I would tell them I was there to apologize.

“Hallee, remember be nice and just tell them you were out of control.” Heather touched my shoulder and I rolled my eyes again as we reached the bedroom door.

“Here goes nothing.” I turned to face the door as I knocked and it slowly came open.

Sam’s point of view

I opened the door to come face to face with the girl who wanted to kill me. I froze with no words nothing to say and couldn’t move. Standing beside here was Pat’s step-sister the gorgeous girl I had explained before, her flawless face looked nervous as if waiting for Hallee to jump at the opportunity to smack me.

“Who is it?” Pat said walking up beside me face still frozen.

“Pat, Hallee is here to apologize.” Heather chimed in as Hallee had no words.

“Apologize for almost killing my girlfriend?” Pat pushed me behind him blocking Hallee from me.

“Look asshole, I’m sorry for trying to kill your girlfriend I swear I will leave her alone, I came to tell her I acted inappropriately and I was out of control.” Hallee raised her head at Pat and stepped forward.

“Pat it’s ok I got this.” I got in front of Pat as if I didn’t care even if she was there to fight me.

“Look Sam, Hallee doesn’t mean the things she does sometimes and we should really try to be friend, I have concert tickets to my favorite band tomorrow and I would love for you to come, they are backstage passes and I’m trying to get Hallee into them as well.” Heather spoke up with the voice as sweet as an angel, she was like the mediator everybody needed to settle differences.

“If it’s fine with Pat I would love to go.” I turned to Pat for his approval.

“Fine, but your responsible if your cousin hurts her in any way.” Pat pulled me closer towards him.

“Pat I promise nothing will happen plus I need to get to know the girl you talk about 24/7 she sounds pretty amazing.” Heather winked and giggled as if Pat talked about me that much.

“Sounds good then.” I held out my hand for truths to Hallee but she didn’t look at me just turned around and walked away.

“She will grow on you I promise, I’ll come wake you up tomorrow we can do breakfast and meet the band before hand seeing as one of the boys is my best friend.” Heather laughed as she began to walk away.

“May I ask who the band is first?” I questioned wanting to know really bad.

“You will have to wait and see.” Heather walked away and joined Hallee who was know half way down the hall.

“Don’t fall for anyone in the band babe.” Pat laughed as he closed the door.

“Like that will happen, what will you do tomorrow without me?” I giggled as I climbed back into his bed.

“My friend’s are having a party and some famous singers I was going to take you but if it’s alright I’ll just go there while your at the concert.” Pat climbed in next to me and put him arm around my stomach.

“That’s fine with me but don’t fall for any other girls.” I laughed as I dozed off to sleep.

Hallee’s point of view

Having the girl I hated frozen in shock as she opened the door was probably the highlight of my night but if I could just smack her once my night would be complete. I couldn’t get any words out before Patrick came to the door in nothing but boxers which made me want to puke. Heather spoke up for me as if I couldn’t speak for myself, Pat got defense and I finally spoke up I wanted to knock this boy out but I knew Arnie would be pissed. I tried not to get any madder than I had been when Heather invited her to go to a concert with us I wanted to look at her like she was nuts. Walking away from that door was the best part and I walked straight to Heather’s room to find something to bash my head in.

“That wasn’t as bad as you thought huh cousin.” Heather smiled at me knowing I was pissed.

“You invited her to the concert, one that I’m already not going to like and now you invite her what is wrong with you.” I said as I smacked the back of her head.

“Ouch, that hurt and I invited her because I like her, and you need to get along we could be friends.” Heather rubbed her head making sure I didn’t do damage.

“I’m sorry but you know I don’t like the band and you invite another person I won’t like.” I sat down on the bed and laid down.

“Hallee give her a chance you might like her and you never know the band has some cute boys.” Heather laid down next to me and turned the other way as we fell asleep to await tomorro

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