I would

This is a Louis Tomlinson fan fiction i am writing. I do not own any celebrity. This story is rated R!


1. I wanted to slap the good looks off that boy

The music of Ed Sheeran one of my favorite artist blared through my alarm as it did everyday Monday through Friday at 6 in the morning.

“Wake your ass up.” My roommate Hallee threw a shoe at my head making me screech in pain.

“Why are you such a bitch?” I asked getting up from my bed to get ready for my class at 8.

“You wake me up with that shit every morning I don’t go to class until 10 can’t you keep that shit down?” she turned over on her other side and fell back asleep.

This was my second semester of college and Hallee’s first semester and my first year on campus. We didn’t really get along we hung out in different cliques and she was younger than me so we really talked about nothing just basically cussed and hit each other or walked by with no words. That was our life and I didn’t know if I was ok with it or not but there was no attempting trying to be friends with someone who threw a shoe at me every morning, but I would never complain about my roommate because I could get stuck with worse which is why I believe Hallee never complained as well. I made my bed until every blanket was in perfect shape and every pillow fluffed by that time it was 6:30 and I grabbed my clothes and walked into the bathroom to shower. The heat from the water felt so good running down my back I didn’t want to get out but I knew I couldn’t stay here forever considering my boyfriend would be waiting for me outside of class. I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around myself as I examined myself in the mirror I had just wiped off.

I brushed my teeth and began messing with my long brown natural curls that never stayed in place I decided to just pull back my bangs in a bump and hairspray the rest so it would stay. I did my eyeliner as dark as possible and grabbed my strapless pink bra off the back of the toilet and put it on. Today I felt like jeans and a t-shirt so I threw on some skinnies and a black tank and threw a hoodie on top I examined myself in the mirror and decided it was fine so I grabbed my converses and slipped them on as well. As I was walking out the door I heard Hallee’s alarm going off I always was out the door as she was getting up.

Hallee’s point of view

At 6 in the morning all I heard was the damn ass Ed Sheeran again and couldn’t sleep I wanted to get up and drag this girl out of bed by her ratty ass hair but I couldn’t get the urge to get up so I grabbed the closest thing to me like every morning I grabbed my shoe. I tossed it as hard as I could and apparently hit her right where I could hurt her enough and chuckled a bit. I didn’t like new people and preps like her would never make it where I came from. I was one of the first in my family to make it to college and it wasn’t because they couldn’t go it’s because I was the child of a crack head who did drugs everyday she was pregnant. My father got custody of me and wasn’t much better we lived in a part of town where if you couldn’t fight with your fists or shoot a gun your ass was dead. I hung out with girls who could fight a man twice there size and win, I didn’t like how this girl got everything she wanted because she was rich, because she had money and she flaunted it like it was a good thing. I worked for what I had, I didn’t complain though because part of my family married into money but because my momma was a crack head her and her sister never got along and my aunt Caroline never liked my father because he sold drugs after my mom was put in prison and let me do whatever I wanted.

When I turned 17 I ran away from home to my aunt’s she had no idea who I was until I explained. I told my aunt I didn’t want the life my mom and dad had I wanted to make something of myself but I needed the influence to do it. Caroline loved the idea of me wanting to make something of myself and took me in that’s when my cousin Heather and I became best friends but she was never as stuck up as the roommate bitch of mine. I turned back over and went back to sleep for a bit until my alarm finally went off. I stood up out of bed and walked straight into the bathroom with my clothes in my hand. I took a quick shower got our brushed my teeth pulled on a pair of sweats a tank and a hoodie and pulled my hair in a messy bun not really caring what I looked like because if someone had something to say they could say it to my face. I grabbed my sneakers and walked to the door picking up my backpack on the way out.


Sam’s point of view

I walked to building where my first class was with a half hour to spare, and as always my boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger who I had been dating for about 3 months. Patrick was the sweetest kid anyone could meet we met my first semester of school about 2 weeks after class had started. I was sitting and chatting with my friends when he came over and asked me my name, my friends giggled as I told him my name was Samantha but everyone called me Sam he asked if he could have my number because he thought I was the cutest girl he had ever seen I blushed and wrote my number on a piece of paper as class was ending and walked away with my friends. A few days went by and I spent all hours of the night texting him we went on a few dates, movies, dinner, long walks in the park, the beach, it was like the perfect man had just walked into my life. After a while Patrick got the nerve to ask me out and who wouldn’t say yes? I didn’t find out he was the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger until after he told me his last name which I never asked until the day he asked me to be his girlfriend.

“Hey babe.” Patrick kissed me on my forehead as he hugged me.

“Hey handsome good morning.” I said hugging him back.

“How is your morning going babe?” He asked pulling back from the hug.

“Considering I was hit in the head with a shoe again and my first class hasn’t started not well.” I sighed rubbing the back of my head.

“Again?” Patrick asked examining my head.

“Yes, but I’m not complaining it could be worse.” I added walking into the building holding Patrick’s hand.

“Babe, you should get a new roommate or let me meet her and have a talk.” Patrick looked at me with his I’m serious face.

“Patrick it’s fine I’m just excited to meet your family tonight and start summer vacation.” I smiled at the thought of meeting his dad and his dad’s new wife for the first time.

“I know finally you get to meet them I know they will love you.” Patrick smiled bigger he loved the thought of me meeting his family seeing as he met mine on Christmas break.

“I hope me and your step-sister get along.” I sighed nervously because I knew I had to make a good impression.

“Ya, oh and before I forget my step-sister has her cousin staying there for a while so you will meet her as well just be yourself I love you just the way you are.” Patrick squeezed my hand.

“I hope they do to.” We sat down in our seats as class started just a few more hours and id be spending summer with Patrick and his family on summer vacation.


Hallee’s point of view

New York was the biggest place and going to school here was amazing but the best part was that summer vacation was almost here and I just had to make it through a few more hours of class I just didn’t know if I could do it. I walked into class about 5 minutes late but my cousin Heather had called me to tell me she would be picking me up when I was done with class because we had a big family dinner tonight. My aunt had married Arnold Schwarzenegger and his son Patrick was having his girlfriend over for dinner and he wanted us to make a good impression like the big house didn’t make a big enough impression. Don’t get me wrong I loved Arnie we were homies for real but his son was another spoiled brat who got what he wanted because he had money and I wanted to slap the good looks off that boy. The best part about it almost being summer vacation was the fact that I got away from my roommate who would probably spend the summer in a beach house somewhere partying with famous people I would never meet in my life.

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