Loving you

jane's parents are dead so she lives with 1D but she thinks shes falling for liam


1. i love u

Jane's p.o.v

"Hey guys" i say walking in.

"Hello Jane. How are you today beautful?" liam asked

"Oh...um..uhhh....you you just called me beautiful." i said blushing and giggiling like a moron.

"Oops!" he wisperd to the guys.


"Well i kinda like you Jane."

"REALLY" i screamed

"Yea i do." he smiled

Then he asked to come to dinner that night.  

                                                                           7 hours later

"Im ready" i yelled from the top of the stairs and i was wearing a beautiful new dress i just got

i walked down to see liam at the bottem of the stairs

"Wow" he mumbled

"How do i look."

"You look....Wow!!" he said


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