One Valetine Love

18 year old Vanessa gets the chance to meet One Direction. But when she meets each of them she cant decide which one she loves. Read more to find out what happens.


3. Not prepared

To Lucy: Are you kiding me?

From Lucy: Sorry....

To Lucy: Its okay..

From Lucy: Are you going to school?

To Lucy: No... I guess I'm gonna pack.

From Lucy: Oh erm... I'm gonna pack to. Meet me tomorrow at 10 am and we can leave.

To Lucy: Okay... bye.

I cant believe we were leaving tomorrow. Already. I got up and did the usual. Coffee and tv. I decided to turn on my radio. The song Little Things came on. It was a good song. I found my self singing it while packing. My phone rang.

"Hello?" I said. "Hey!"

I talked to Lucy. All she told me was the details about us leaving tomorrow. We would go to the airport and meet One Direction. I know sounds kinda weird and cheesy. We would then get on a private jet and hang. How nice. I didn't want a make-over by Lucy. I knew she would put a whole bunch of make-up on me. I never wore any. I went natural. By the time I was done packing it was 6 pm. Time goes by fast.

From Lucy: Hey! Come over and spend the night!

Before I could respond I got a text from Austin.

From Austin: Are we still on for Satarday?

To Austin: Yeah(:

To Lucy: Mkay!!!

I went to Lucy's house with my bags and things I needed.

Lucy: Yay! You made it! I bought Nando's again!

Me: Woo! Nando's!

Lucy: I'm gonna go to bed.

Me: Why? Its only 7!

Lucy: I need my beauty sleep! Duh!

Me: Ugh okay! I guess I'll go to bed to!

I slept on her couch. Lucy was crazy over this "date."


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