One Valetine Love

18 year old Vanessa gets the chance to meet One Direction. But when she meets each of them she cant decide which one she loves. Read more to find out what happens.


5. Meeting them... and him

I got out of the car and waited for Lucy. That girl was quick. 

Lucy: Hurry up! Just leave the bags! Lucy grabbed my hand and ran inside.


I saw them. Perfection! Uh oh. I was falling in love. We greeted them with hugs.

Harry: Hello love! Whats your name?

Me: Vanessa..

Liam: Nice to meet you!

Me: You to.

Niall: Wow your... stunning! 

Me: Thanks!(: You are to!

Lucy: Your such a flirt!

Me: Wh-

Lucy pushed me into Niall. I stared into his eyes.

Harry's POV: She liked Niall. One problem. I like her! I was jealous! Big time.

Me: Hey Vanessa, do you wanna go on a date with me?

Vanessa: Oh um sure.

Niall: But I wanna go on a date with you!

Vanessa: Hey Niall I can share!

Niall: Yes!! 

Me: Um.... Liam can I talk to you?

Liam: Of course mate! 

Me: Okay, I like the girl. But shes falling for Niall.

Liam: Ohh. Well maybe if you spend time and compliment her she will you know. Like you.

Me: Thanks lad. (:

Me: Vanessa, your beautiful.

Vanessa: Aw! Thanks and your quite handsome.

Me: Hah thanks.

I was gonna ask her out. I know to early. But just wait.

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