One Valetine Love

18 year old Vanessa gets the chance to meet One Direction. But when she meets each of them she cant decide which one she loves. Read more to find out what happens.


2. Lucy

After I changed I looked in the mirror. I'll admit it I looked cute.

Lucy: OMG your beautiful!

Me: Thanks

Me and Lucy went to the cafateria. I got so many looks from people. I hope it was good. Austin came up to me.

Austin: Your really beautiful.

Me: You must be on crack or something!

I walked away. I knew he was kiding. After lunch I went to class. All my classes. Finally school ended. I went to my car. After school I have to go to work. I worked at a fast food place. But luckily I was off today. 10 minutes later I reached home. I lived alone. My mum left me and so did my dad. I lived in a flat. One room, bathroom, and kitchen. I had everything I needed. I went inside my house. As soon as I sat down I got a text from Lucy.

From Lucy: Hey! You should come over. I have dinner.

To Lucy: Eh okay. What time.

From Lucy: 5-ish.

To Lucy: Mkay see you there.

I only was going there for the food. I know I'm a bad friend. It was 4:00 in England. I had time. I ended up doing my homework. It was already 4:00 so I jumped in the car and drove to Lucy's.

*At Lucy's door*

Lucy: Hey!

Me: Hey. I bought your dress back. Thanks.

Lucy: No. You keep it. It looks better on you then me.

Me: Oh erm. Thanks.

Lucy: Hah yeah. Here I bought Nando's.

Me: Yummy! ^.^

Me and Lucy ate and talked. By the time we were done it was 6. Not to late.

Me: Lucy, when do we go on our dates..?

Lucy: Aha. Well todays the 18 so in 1,2,3,4,5.... 5 days!

Me: Oh wow....

Lucy: Yeah. Dont worry I'll give you a make-over.

Me: Agh no.

Lucy: Yes!!

Me: Fine -_-!!

I left Lucy's at 7 and went home. I stayed up till 10 and went to bed. When I woke up I got a text from Lucy.

From Lucy: Okay so actually we leave tomorrow.......

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