One Valetine Love

18 year old Vanessa gets the chance to meet One Direction. But when she meets each of them she cant decide which one she loves. Read more to find out what happens.


6. A kiss or more

Harry's POV:

What if she says no? What if she says yes? 

Me: Liam?

Liam: What is it lad?

Me: okay should I ask Vanessa out?

Liam: Eh. Get to know her first. Cant rush things.

Me: True. Thanks!(:

Me: Vanessa do you wanna go to the beach later with me?

Vanessa: Heh yeah. That'd be fun.

Lucy: Aw!!! How cute!!!

Louis: Haha well c'mon lets get on the plane.

Zayn: Party time!!

We all went on the plane. I was happy. But what about Niall? I whispered to Niall.

Me: Are you mad?

Niall: Erm.. not really. Just upset.

Me: Why...?

Niall: The Vanessa thing I like her. But I think I like Lucy. You can have Vanessa.

Me: I'm so sorry lad.

Niall: Nah its okay.

Me: You sure?

Niall: Yeah..

Vanessa: Hey Hazz(:

Me: Heyy love

Vanessa: Wanna sit by me?

Me: Of course!

Niall: Lucy sit by me!

Lucy: Okk hold your buns :p

Niall: Haha!

On the plane there was a curtain so the plane was divided into 3. The front, the middle, and the end. Me and Vanessa sat in the end. The rest of the lads were in the front with Lucy. Me and Vanessa sat on the couch.

Me: So tell me about yourself.

Vanessa: Ok.. I like music. I live alone.

Me: Wow thats alot ;)

Vanessa: Aha yeahhh.

I wanted to make a move. I did. I kissed her. Passionately.

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