One Valetine Love

18 year old Vanessa gets the chance to meet One Direction. But when she meets each of them she cant decide which one she loves. Read more to find out what happens.


1. Suprise

Vanessa's POV:

Lucy: Briana! I have a suprise!

Me (Vanessa): Oh. Let me just grab my books real quick.

Lucy: No now! Please!

Me: Fine.

Lucy: Okay!!

She sat there talking about One Direction. I liked them but it kinda got annoying when people go on and on about them.

Lucy: Anywho, I entered a contest to go on a date with them and I won.

Me: Oh aha. I see. And why was this a suprise for me?

Lucy: I get to bring a bestie and I want you to come.

Me: Aw! How nice. But I barely know anything about them.

Lucy: Okay. First theres Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry. Which one do you like?

Me: Hmm.... I dont know?

Lucy pulled out a picture and showed me.

Lucy: So which one?

Me: Eh the one with the brown curly hair I guess.

Lucy: Harry!?

Me: Sure.

Lucy: Okay!

Me: Well I'm gonna get to class. Bye Lu.

Lucy:  Bye. Text me later.

I went to class. Lucy was kinda scaring me. I guess I was excited to go on a date with One Direction. I made it to class and my teacher started nagging. I wasn't even at my seat.

Mr. Gray: Vanessa take your seat!

Then my friend came and sat by me.

Austin: Hey. Wanna be my biology patner for the week?

Me: Sure(:

I knew he was flirting. Everyone always tells me he has a huge crush on me. I thought he was cute but I didn't like him.

Austin: So um I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me this Satarday?

Me: Uhh....sure.

Austin: Really?!

Me: Haha yeah(:

Mr. Gray: Class! Stop talking! Do the project on the board!

Me and Austin did our project together. Finally the bell rang and it was lunch time.

Austin: Bye see you later.

Me:  Bye.

I went out to the hallway to be followed by Lucy.

Lucy: C'mon lets go! The lunch-line gets crazy!

Me: Okay okay!

We both went to lunch-line and got chilli-cheese fries. I took my seat by Lucy. Of course the "mean girl" came by. Her name was Victoria. She could get any guy she wanted. That blonde wavy hair was beautiful to guys.

Victoria: Ugh! Hey girls move!

Me: No. We were here first.

I got up to her face and told her no. Then she grabbed her chilli-cheese fries and splashed them on me.

Me: You bi-

Lucy: C'mon lets go change.

Everyone was laughing at me. I started to cry and left.

Me: How could she!?

Lucy: I dont know. Luckily I have an extra outfit. Here you go.

Me: Thanks. But its a dress.

Lucy: C'mon. Just once.

Me: Fine -_-

I went to the bathroom to change. I was a tom-boy. No dresses. My style was jeans and a hoddie.

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