Two Worlds So Different And So Perfect.


3. Chapter 3

"Mom is that you? Dad you to?" I said excited "Mom, Dad its really you! How did you-"

"Good-morning, did you sleep well?" asked Yuki coming in the house with my things from my hut 
"How did you... Did you dig them out?" I asked 
"yes, I think this is everything, you can check if you want" said Yuki setting them down 
"how did you do it? It would have taken you all night" I said looking at my things 
"don't be silly" said Yuki laughing a little.
"I know it may sound awkward to stay with two strange boys, but there is an extra room up stairs" said Yuki
"What? no! I couldn't do that! you've already done so much for me already-"
"of course it won't be free, we will pay you for you services" said Shigure coming up behind me 
"pay me? Services?" I said confused
"As our bran new, House Keeper!" said Shigure singing the last part
"oh no you have already done so much for me I couldn't" I said shaking my head 
"miss Himuro we're doing this cause we want to, and besides... Where else can you go?" said Yuki I gave in and decided to stay.

I walked up with Yuki to the room 
"this room is old, smells kinda funny so it would be best you keep the windows open for awhile" said Yuki opening a window, while he was telling me these things about the house and the room the ceiling started to... Break all of a sudden it fell! and some guy came through an landed on his feet in the room. He had Orange hair and red eyes.
"you gotta fix this stupid roof" yelled the stranger. The strange guy was about to hit Yuki 
"no don't fight!" I yelled, I then slipped on a piece of wood fell right on the guy, all of a sudden POOF!
"ow... What happened?" I asked opening my eyes. The stranger... He was a- a Hamster? "OH MY GOSH! I turned him into a Hamster! How did that even happen?" I questioned "we have to fix him!" I said getting up with the hamster in my arms then Shigure walked into the room.
"Yuki! What was that loud noise? K-"
I then slipped again and fell on Yuki and Shigure who were standing next to each other, POOF! POOF! Yuki turned into a mouse and Shigure turned into a wolf
"AH!!!" I yelled running down the stairs with them all in my arms "I have To take them to a vet!" I yelled they all jumped out of my arms and I fell onto my back
"this is all your fault! Stupid mouse" yelled the hamster
"shut up stupid hamster!" yelled Yuki
"stop it both of you! Well I guess we have to tell Sachiko now..." said Shigure. As all of this was going on I was think Thay talk to...?
 "well here goes... Sachiko I'm a wolf, Yuki here is a mouse and that there is Kyo he's a hamster" said Shigure well I can see that... I said to myself
"so this is normal...?" I asked
"yes, whenever our body's come under a great deal of stress or we're hugged by the opposite gender we turn into the 12 animals of the Zodiac. We turn back to normal but..." said Shigure all of a sudden POOF! "we're... Naked..." finished Shigure, I turned around as fast as I could and screamed.

"Now I understand, you guys turn into the 12 animals of the Zodiac..." I said
"yes" said Shigure, we were all sitting around the table when all of a sudden
"I'M HUNGERY!" yells Kyo
"oh I'll make some food" I say getting up "never mind forgot the kitchen is... 'Dirty'" I sat back down. then Kyo turned around
"you know you're gonna be late for school" said Shigure mater-a-fact-ly.
"OH MY GOSH! School! I totally forgot!" I yelled running to get changed and Yuki walked calmly to his room and got changed.

When Yuki and I got to school we ran into Nagisa Tomori, one of my friends. 
"Hey Nagisa what's up?" I asked walking up to her
"nothing really, how's it been with you two?" asked Nagisa smiling
"we're not... Why would you thi-" I started
"I'm just kidding Sachiki!" said Nagisa laughing
"oh... I knew that" I said laughing nervously with a small blush creeping up my cheeks.

Yuki was just standing there listening to us both talk while smiling at me, "we're gonna be late unless we hurry!" said Nagisa.

And we all went running to class.

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