Two Worlds So Different And So Perfect.


2. Chapter 2

"Hey Sachiko, what's up?" asked my friend as I entered the cafeteria. 
"Hey Nagisa, guess what happened today!?" I said jumping up and down as I walked to her.
"what?" asked Nagisa excitedly
"I walked to school with... YUKI!" I yelled
"you mean 'Prince YUKI?' The prince YUKI?" asked Nagisa surprised as she stared at me with wide eyes.
"yeah, what other 'Prince Yuki' is there?" I asked
"you're so not joking! crazy! what did you talk about?" she questioned jumping up and down.

"Nothing really... I was to nervous to talk to him, no I was so nervous I couldn't even look at him! until those cheerleaders showed up" I said rolling my eyes. See I'm not a 'omgomgomgomgomgomg Yuki!' Fan girl but he's nice, but I haven't even really talked to him till today!

When school was over I walked over to my locker and saw Yuki sanding there.
"oh it's you- I mean... hey..." I said a shyly as I looked down at the ground.
"Hello miss Himuro, how was You day?" asked Yuki as he turned and looked at me.
"it was fine..." I said as I laughed a little
"what's so funny?" asked Yuki
"oh nothing, it's just we're making a habit of bumping into each other" I said, Yuki just smiled. I smiled back and 
 started to walk the opposite way when I was stopped
"since your here do you want to walk home together?" Yuki asked smiling at me. I was a little surprised, he wanted to walk back with me? 
"sure, that would be great" I said smiling
"yes... It would... Wouldn't it..." whispered Yuki. 

As we were walking, I looked up at Yuki
"I hear you're a fan of the Azetoo." Yuki said as we kept moving along.
"Yes, very much" I answered with a small smile.
"What do you know of the Azetoo?" Yuki questioned. 
"I- uh... Just the stories my Mom used to tell me when I was little." I answered looking down at the ground. It was the middle of fall and the leaves were falling making a beautiful orange path of leaves. Yuki nodded. Then it was silent. 

"How long have you been living with you cousin Shigure?" I asked, Yuki looked surprised like I should have known or something "oh I'm sorry, I guess I shouldn't have asked that..." I looked back at the ground
"no that's not it, not at all, it's just I never thought someone would asked that, anyway I have lived there for about seven years now" said Yuki I nodded my head all of a sudden I was something or someone over my head...  
"watch out!" yelled Yuki. I screamed as Yuki pushed me out of the way and again he disappeared. I was knocked out.

When I finally woke up I was in someones house, It's... Yuki's houseWhen I got up from the bed I saw Shigure and Yuki
"what happened?" I asked, Shigure smiled
"something hit you and you were knocked out and Yuki brought you here" said Shigure with a little sigh in his voice. I was surprised
"wow... You carried me all the way.. Here?" I asked
"yes it wasn't hard your vary light" said Yuki, I blushed a little
"oh, well thank you" I said with a small blush on my cheeks.
"no problem" said Yuki

By the time I thanked them and got back to my 'Hut' it was 10:00 but I couldn't go to bed yet I still have a paper to write but first I need to go wash up at the stream. While I was getting ready, Yuki and Shigure were walking and talking about how they just got back from eating out and saying they need to cook at home more 
"man if we keep eating out like thing I'm gomna have to get a bigger robe" said Shigure rubbing his stomach 
"then why don't you make dinner more?" asked Yuki with a 'duh' voice
"because when ever I cook you always complain" answered Shigure.
"pickled radish and curry is not dinner it's disgusting" said Yuki. I agree with you there Yuki I said to myself with a small laugh. As they kept walking they saw my hut. I walked out the 'door' and they were standing right there, we all just stared at each other for a couple of seconds. I was a little embarrassed they saw me come out of this...
all of a sudden "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAGAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA" Shigure started laughing as hard as he could. 

We came back to there house and Shigure was still laughing

"how long have you been living there?" asked Yuki
"a little over two weeks" I answered
"oh well that makes more sense all this land is Ochimari property" said Yuki
"please let me stay there a little longer!" I asked as my voice started to get a little louder.
"it's not safe for for a young girl like you to be living out in the woods alone, there are bugs, weirdos and landslides" said Shigure as he all of a sudden stopped laughing
"so your done laughing?" asked Yuki Shigure just nodding 
"well I'm already used to all the Bugs and I'm strong! An-" I started but then I stopped. I felt light-headed... I fell to the ground on my knees. Yuki ran over to me
"it's a fever" said Yuki
"we need ice! I'll get Ice I'll uh-" Shigure opening the door to the kitchen which was filled up with trash and stopped talking.
"and you call the woods unsafe?" I said
"well technically speaking" said Shigure. All if a sudden we all heard a wolf howl "see... There's just been another landslide"
"how do you know?" I asked
"let's call it instinct" said Shigure
"was it close?" asked Yuki
"close to the hut- I mean! not at all" said Shigure singing the last part.

We all walked out to where the hut was, it was now covered with boulders
"no my locket's still in there!" I yelled. I started running and trying to out the hut, then Yuki and Shigure came over and tried to calm me down
"please miss Himuro you already have a fever" said Yuki
"but my locket" I said feeling even more dizzy
"we'll come back when it's brighter" said Shigure. 

I got even more dizzy and felt really sick. They brought me back to there house and laid me in a bed. I was talking to Shigure.
"I have to get better" I said as I laid in the bed.
"Don't be in such a rush, take you're time and feel better" Shigure said as he sat by the bed.
"But I have to go to school, I promised my mom before- before she passed away. Before my mom passed away ever single morning before I went to school and she went to work I told her 'Be Safe' and she would hug me goodbye. But one day I didn't wake up, the night before I had a volleyball tournament so I was up late. So I didn't get up early enough to tell her 'Be Safe' that day she never came home... My mom always told me that she couldn't do sport's, she didn't have money or time, so she told me to finish a sport, my favorite sport, and tell her what it felt like to have won games and hold a trophy in my hands when I was finished... so I promised her that I would. I would tell her what it felt like. That's why I have to get better, I can't afford to get sick even if it is a small fever, I can't let that stop me..." I slowly drifted to sleep after I said my last few words to Shigure.  

*Yuki and Shigure*

"She's amazing... She's always so happy at school... How could anyone know she's been suffering for so long? There were so many times I wanted to run away from some house but I could always find some reason to stay, I could have done what she did I have lived in a hut in the woods" said Yuki
"you can call it amazing but I don't think it does it justice" said Shigure
"no it doesn't.... Would you mind watching her? I'm going to go for a walk" said Yuki, Shigure knew exactly what he was going to do,
"be safe" said Shigure.

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