Two Worlds So Different And So Perfect.


1. Chapter 1

Isn't it such a beautiful day?

Hey, I'm Sachiko Himuro, I'm 14 years old and its been about 3 weeks since my mom passed away so I have been living on my own out in the woods with a little hut thing. She passes away from a car accident, it's so had to believe someone so smart and beautiful could be taking away just like that... As I was walking to school I saw a house, I looked around and I saw little stuffed animals there representing the Zodiac.
"Oh look a lovely young lady is standing on my porch" said a strange voice. I looked up and jumped off the porch
"Oh I'm sorry I was just admiring these stuffed animals" I apalogized
"Don't worry I was just surprised that a pretty young lady like you would be attracted by these silly little things" said the stranger
"No! I really like them" I said looking down at the animals again.

The strange man just stared and smiled at me
"oh I'm vary sorry let me introduce myself, my name is Shigure Ochimari," he said. He looked to be about 19 or so, he had black hair that reaches to his neck, he had brownish eyes and he was wearing a brown robe.
"And you are?" Shigure asked
"your Shigure... O...Ochimari?" I asked, Shigure was confused
"yes, is there something wrong with that?" he asked
"no... It's just... Never mind, my name is Sachiko Himuro" I said, maybe it's just a coincidence... I thought to myself.

All of a sudden a boy walked out of the house to where me and Shigure were, it was Yuki Ochimari! Yuki Ochimari is 14 and is pretty much the prince of my high school!

So it wasn't a coincidence! The prince of my high school does live here!!!
"Yuki?" I said
"Oh Miss Himuro, is something wrong?" asked Yuki  
"No I just never knew you lived here... And I'm kinda surprised your father is so young..." I said with a little laugh
"he's not my father he's my older cousin not vary bright though..." said Yuki looking at Shigure, I started laughing out loud now
"oh sorry I just thought that since you were living together, never mind. Well I guess I should get going, school doesn't wait for people" I said starting to walk away
"Wait Miss Himuro..." he started I wish he wouldn't be so polite and just call me Sachiko... I said to myself "why don't we walk to school together?" asked Yuki I was surprised
"yeah... That would be cool" I said smiling.

As we were walking we passed some cheer leaders who LOVED Yuki, that started screaming "Yuki wait for us!! WE LOVE YOU!!" they yelled but Yuki didn't even acknowledge them. As we kept walking and ignoring the girls one tryed to jump on Yuki's back.
"WATCH OUT YUKI!" I yelled pushing him out of the way, as the cheer leader fell on me, Yuki... Disappeared...

I started looking around for Yuki. finally he showed up
"Are you okay?" Yuki asked
"Oh, I'm fine, it's just you disappeared so I went looking for you... Where did you go?" I asked
"Oh, no where sorry for making you worry" said Yuki smiling I shook my head and smiled at him
"No no! it's fine. We should probably started getting to school again" I said with a little laugh. Yuki looked a little... surprised but then he just smiled and answered with "yes we should"

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